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Medical Kiwi: Transforming Healthcare with its Unique Seed-to-Sale Approach

Mosese Nasal | CEO | Medical Kiwi
Mosese Nasal | CEO

Technological upgrades have become a part of daily living, which is revolutionizing the way individuals experience any product. But in these adaptations, some are missing the natural touch in the services they consume, especially in the healthcare sector.

For similar reasons, people are seeking treatments that are organic and provide a long-lasting cure. One such company changing the way the world delivers health outcomes and incorporating evidence-based natural nutraceutical products is Medical Kiwi.

The company realizes the needs of consumers and focuses on cultivating change with a new formula for health and wellness that not only blends plant-based cost-effective medicine with science but also induces a positive difference in people’s health outcomes and improves their quality of life. It has backed its services based on the research and experiences of people related to cannabis, CBD, and other nutraceutical products. They use undiscovered plants with healing remedies that for centuries have not been seen by the Western world yet have been creating an impact on communities.

Leading this transformation of providing the world with safe and durable nutraceutical products is the leader and company’s CEO—Mosese Nasalo, whose expert financial and management skills are helping Medical Kiwi to be best positioned in the market while assuring the best product standards. He believes that medical cannabis, CBD, and other nutraceutical products are part of a long overdue health and well-being revolution that replaces so many other pharmaceuticals and will benefit millions of people. Giving shape to his vision, he and Medical Kiwi are bringing these products to market in New Zealand, Australia, and globally.

Let us read more about their promise of being organic in the nutraceutical industry!

The Foundational Values of Change

The journey of an established company in the competitive market is made smoother if it stands by its initial objective of serving the people. For Medical Kiwi, this purpose has been based on helping people to live a quality, healthier and happier life.

Elaborating on the why of these core values, Mosese says, “We’ve seen too many people suffering from chronic pain and other ailments that cannot be managed by existing drugs and medicines. We’ve seen first-hand of people becoming a victim of health poverty, that is expensive medicine are restricting people of living quality of life and enhancing an unproductive society.”

Considering these challenges, Medical Kiwi’s mission is about cultivating change with a new formula for health and wellness that blends plant-based cost-effective medicine with science to make a positive difference in people’s health outcomes and improve their quality of life.

This change and adaption to plant-based products are exacerbated by their team of professionals in medicine, biochemistry, governance and sales, who are committed to assuring seed to sale. Talking more about this, Mosese says, “Medical Kiwi’s operations will cover the full process from cultivation to the production of rapidly evolving consumer goods.”

Giving Back with Key Offerings

Their core product is medicinal cannabis and CBD, which according to various research and peer review journals, is believed to improve at least 50 conditions, including pain, seizures, muscle spasms, nausea associated with chemotherapy, digestive disorders such as colitis and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), degenerative neurological disorders such as dystonia, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, mood disorders, anxiety, PTSD, and high blood pressure.

Also, there are many products on the market at the moment that claim to be sustainable and environmentally friendly whilst giving back to the communities they are founded upon. The difference with Medical Kiwi nutraceutical products is that they use undiscovered plants with healing remedies, that for centuries have not been seen by the Western world yet have been creating an impact within the Malaitan Islander community in the Solomon Islands.

Mosese says, “By creating a partnership with this community, we have been able to create an exciting range of products that will introduce the world to the undiscovered people and plants of Malaita. This introduction will set a new standard of healing, one which we have all been waiting for.”

The company is expanding its current provisions as its topical product line is due to launch in the Australian and New Zealand markets in the first quarter of 2023, which is a skin care product using Malaitan plants, tailored for both adults and children. Mosese comments, “This is just the start for Medical Kiwi.”

As part of their endeavors to introduce new products in the market and ensure current offerings are in line with evolving research, they are assisted by their team of Scientists at the University of Victoria of Wellington, who are continuing to research their patented bio-active compound, Balaenone, that will be progressed to a biopharmaceutical.

Alongside extensive research and industry collaboration, Medical Kiwi sees itself at the forefront of providing people with better and more natural health outcomes, whilst giving back to those through which it was founded. Mosese says, “Each of our future products, whether cosmetic, nutraceutical or biopharmaceutical, will reflect this.”

Their seed-to-sale vertical integration approach is expected to set them apart from other companies in New Zealand that might focus solely on cultivation or research.

Seed to Sale – Enriching Health

The company’s mission is ‘better health outcomes, naturally.’ They are a vertically integrated medicinal cannabis company, from seed to sale. Talking more about this, Mosese explains, “Our state-of-the-art facility is located in the South Island of New Zealand, and we have a team of experts working to grow and sell our medicinal cannabis internationally, at this stage this is a B2B proposition.

This efficient chain of operations and distinctive identity of the company in the market are possible today because of the able management ensured by its leader.

The Inspiring CEO’s Tale

The academic journey for Mosese ended with graduation from Massey University’s Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) program. To upskill and add to his knowledge, he also pursued an Australian Institute of Business Post-Graduate Diploma in Management (Finance) and an Australian Institute of Business Post-Graduate Certificate in Management.

He held a range of management and executive roles in Sumitomo Corporation, a Japan-based conglomerate 500 fortune company – working in different regions globally, from Asia to Middle East & Africa to North America. He shares, “I started with Sumitomo as an operations manager in the group’s beverage manufacturing facility in South Canterbury. My early career was also in this home locality, where I was a team leader with the food processing company McCain Foods New Zealand.”

He was even associated as a Global Commercial Manager for Westland Milk, responsible for the dairy company’s commercial activities in Australasia, Southeast Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

Finally, in the progression of his professional journey, Mosese joined Medical Kiwi as Chief Executive in April 2022, bringing very solid experience in operational and financial management, and sales and marketing in New Zealand and internationally.

He is infusing his academic knowledge with his management skills to serve the requirements of the current and coming demographics, to keep the wheels of organic healthcare running.

Supplying for the Future

The company pays attention to fulfilling the needs of the current and subsequent generations. It is aware of the trend of the new generation which is embracing the need for change through environmental sustainability, social impact and cleaner living.

Mosese believes that the ease of access to many platforms has put forward the questions of what an individual is putting into their body, creating the desire to be cleaner through more natural products and foods/resources. They feel more confident in advocating for their medical treatment, not shying away from integrative health and complementary medicines.

Including these set of lifestyle approaches in their product delivery, they are set to be a part of the way the world delivers its healthcare with an innovative, science-based approach to developing and delivering plant base medicinal products to those who need them the most.

Moses says, “Our robust research, innovative product development, partnerships with global industry-leading companies, and agreements for future sales put us in a unique position to create value and carve out a significant share of this emerging and exciting industry in New Zealand and globally.”

Despite their strong determination and focus, they are faced with multiple situations that test their commitment to innovating healthcare solutions. 

Learning With Challenges

The biggest challenge the leader and the team have learned and continue to learn about is – challenging the perception of everyday people and health professionals regarding the use of medicinal cannabis and pharmaceutical alternatives.

Shedding light on the ways Medical Kiwi staff is adopting in budding through these thorns, Moses says, “Although they have been used for generations on an individual basis, we are still in their infancy in clinical trials and prescribing. It is a challenge that we are embracing as we see ourselves being major players and contributors to the revolution of health and well-being.”

These adaptations to fulfill current industrial demands are inspiring other young minds to serve the industry better, once they step foot in it.

Advice to Generations

A leader, who is abreast with the needs of the market also comes as a guiding light to young minds who aspire to make a profession in the field. Being such a leader, Mosese shares his words of advice for future entrants.

He says, “Understand your target market, and what you are trying to achieve and ensure you know the regulations and laws around bringing your products to market. Reach out to the experts in your industry who have walked this path before and immerse yourself in their knowledge.

As a further model for them to follow, he shares the practices, he and his team follow to build the company’s name further. He further advises, “We have worked hard to develop extensive networks both nationally and internationally. We consistently talk to our partners and continually assess the industry.”

Upscaling the Work

As a part of its future goals to penetrate deeper into the market, the company is continuing to work on its botanical product range whose launch is scheduled for 2023. They are even expanding their telehealth and brick-and-mortar pain clinics into Australia.

Mosese states, “We will continue to advocate, conduct research, and provide the necessary education to give people the opportunity to access better health outcomes, naturally.”

Figurine of Praises

The company, being the best in the nutraceutical market, has bagged prestigious awards for its continuous contribution to the industry. They have won the Global Health and Pharmaceutical (GHP) award and have been renowned as the Most Innovative Emerging Medical Cannabis Company 2022 – Australasia, certifying their credence in the concerned sector.



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