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10 Most Innovative Companies in the Neutraceutical Market

Vitaquest International: A Trusted Name in the Nutraceutical Manufacturing Space
Considering the rising demand among consumers, an ascending growth of the nutraceutical industry has created several new avenues in the health and nutrition space. According to a report by Statista, the US nutraceutical market was worth $71 billion in 2017 and is projected to reach $133 billion by 2025...

Issue Profile

Moe Kaadan, COO  & Co-Founder of America Medic & Science.
America Medic and Science: A Step Towards a Healthier Future
Some decades ago, people visited the fast-food outlets to consume food without knowing its adverse effects...
Tammy Keiser, Director of Sales & Marketing at Ingredia
Ingredia Inc.: Building Better Health on the Foundations of Innovation and Expertise
Nutraceuticals are the new frontier in health and wellness — conceived from the mix of the nutrition...
Paul Gilner is the CEO of Life Extension
Life Extension: Your Partner on a Journey to Better Health
Since the ancient age, people have been in search of increasing their life span. From meditation to Yoga,...
Natac: Providing Access to Premium Quality Bioactive Compounds 
Plant extracts are becoming increasingly popular in various industries like the pharmaceutical space,...