10 Most Promising Healthcare Supply Chain Management Solution Companies for 2022

CRYOPDP: At the Forefront of Bridging Credibility, Innovation and Trust
The Pharma and Biotech logistics and supply chain process involves shipping drugs, specimens, cell and gene components and future medications to different facilities, such as warehouses, hospitals or research centers. When exposed to incorrect temperatures, decomposition can occur and diminish the products’...

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Perry Wong | Founder | Perry Wong | Founder | 18 Wheels Warehousing and Trucking Limited
18 Wheels Warehousing and Trucking Limited: Delivering a Disciplined Culture of Trust, Safety, and Customer-centric Service
The products in the healthcare industry must be of the highest quality and standards. This quality control...
Salman Parcy | CEO | Blockchain Firm
Blockchain Firm: Enhancing Healthcare Efficiency
Blockchain technology has helped ease the processes and lessen the burden in the healthcare sector. Blockchain...