5 Leaders Demonstrating Effective Solution for Addiction in 2023

Dr. James Flowers: Personalizing Mental Health and Addiction Care for All
Have you ever seen a swan carrying its baby cygnets? If not, the beautiful scene cannot be textualized but can be picturized as a frame filled with warmth, care, protection and emotions of its mother to keep the baby duckling safe and secure. Similarly, out of the various effectual needs of humankind,...

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David Briskham | Clinical Director
David Briskham: Providing Individualised Treatment for Addiction
When it comes to addiction, the individual must seek appropriate treatment that challenges his unhelpful...
Neha Cadabam | Executive Director
Neha Cadabam: Using a Biopsychosocial Approach Towards Recovery
Admitting that you need help for your addiction is not a sign of weakness, character flaw, or moral failure....


Harnessing the Power of Virtual Events Platforms in the Healthcare Sector
In the global landscape of healthcare, innovation is a prerequisite for progress. The sector, characterized...