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5 Tips to Regulate Your Menstrual Cycle Naturally

Menstrual Cycle

The morning breeze was light and soothing. Opening the curtains, I felt it gently caressing my hair and making it sway to its tune. Embracing the morning sun, I happily went to the kitchen and made myself a nice hot coffee, after which I started with my daily chores, and on completing it, I headed to my office.

The first half of the office began with normal meetings and calls, followed by an eagerly awaited lunch break. While my office colleagues and I were having our sumptuous meals, there was a sudden chain of whispers among my female mates. To end my curiosity, I headed over and asked, “What’s the matter?”, to which another co-worker replied, I suddenly got my periods and now I am not sure of how to handle it as I lack a sanitary napkin.”

I eased her worries by giving her the needed item, but she still seemed perplexed and annoyed. In a comforting voice, I asked, “Is there anything else that I can do for you?”

“I am worried”, she said. Continuing further, she asked me whether I could help her find a way to regulate her periods naturally.

As an avid reader of the topic and going through it myself, after office hours, I sat down with her and offered her a few important tips to manage her irregular period through natural remedies. She listened to them quietly and jotted the pointers which she felt were essential; she walked back home with a broad smile on her face.

Now, tell us already what the advice is, in which many of you are excited to know about.

Well, scroll down below to get all worries to fade away instantly!

  1. Let it Sweat

A primary reason identified by doctors and researchers for the irregular menstrual cycle is lack of exercise. The lack of bodily movement adds up to lethargy and the release of hormones that interfere with the normal menstrual cycle.

Workouts can help in getting back the 28-day routine back as it increases the normal release of happy hormones – endorphins, and keeps the hypothalamus functioning in check.

The myth of “you can’t exercise during periods” is corrected by many fitness experts and gynecologists, who suggest that active rest or even going to the gym helps release period cramps and boosts mood. A month of regular exercising can help bring back periods that are accompanied by no mood swings. Unbelievable, right!

To save you the time of searching for those exercises, here are a few exercises you can try to keep those irregular cycles at bay:

  • High Intensity Workout
  • Yoga and Pranayam
  • Light Walking
  • Active Rest

Apart from exercise, the next important advice I gave her was regarding diet.

  1. Munch Those Benefits

The second most prevalent reason for delayed or preponed cycles is our dietary habits. They say, the mouth chews while the body reflects.

Researchers suggest that global consumption of junk food has increased multiple times more than it was a decade ago, which has contributed to many lifestyle disorders. One of them is Polycystic Ovary Disorder – also a cause of irregular cycles.

But don’t worry. As many things in the world can be altered, so this can, too. The first step to it is eating the right food in the right amounts. It is advised to consume 5-6 small meals a day rather than consuming three large meals. This helps in the revival of metabolism and its right functioning which eventually fixes the disturbed hormones.

There are also a few foods that can be especially consumed to help make your period cycle aligned to the natural rhythm.

Some of these are as follows:

  • Most Citrus fruits like Orange, Sweet Lime, Pineapple are proven to reduce period cramps, reduce irregularities and possibly prepone periods too.
  • Papaya: This is the magic fruit for most women. Apart from the various benefits it provides to your skin, it is a great therapy for healing the uterus. It gets this property from a substance called Carotene that helps in contracting muscles of the uterus. Its regular consumption brings the follicular functioning back to normal.
  • Additionally, you can have ginger, green tea, and beetroot to pamper yourself during those tough days.
  • You can even add cruciferous vegetables to your diet like kale, cauliflower, and broccoli. These regulate the hormone level and eliminate the excessive estrogen count in the body, regulating your periods naturally over the course.
  • Overall, try to have a balanced meal and minimize the intake of unhealthy carbs.

While foods surely help, the way to control those extra cravings is assured through the practice of mindfulness and soulful concentration.

  1. Medication? Or Meditation?

I am sure a common sight at your place would be of hot water bags or baskets full of chips and chocolates in the kitchen before or after you enter the PMS stage. A common side effect of irregular periods is Premenstrual Syndrome where a woman goes through a series of extreme mood fluctuations accompanied by severe cramps or body pain or fever.

The instant reflex to terminate these feelings is to take some painkillers, indulge in stress eating, and sleep under your cozy blanket. But a very natural way to regulate mood swings in times of irregular periods is to practice meditation or mindfulness daily.

According to studies, daily meditation helps a female cope with stress efficiently, keeping hormonal functions in check, eventually giving her a regular menstrual cycle, and contributes to an undisturbed sleep pattern.

There is no one way to practice meditation, but you can try the ones mentioned below:

  • Deep Breathing and focusing on breaths.
  • Yogic Meditation with various hand gestures.
  • Concentrating on a piece of music.
  • Or any hobby that you like and makes you feel happier can also be done as a meditative practice.

Amongst many issues related to irregular periods, the foremost is excessive bleeding and meditation can prove to be of ultimate benefits!

  1. Keeping it Controlled

Excessive bleeding has been a cause of concern for many woman, and managing it with daily chores and office work becomes an excruciating task. To control the bleeding naturally, one can opt to consume fenugreek seeds, Indian gooseberry, or cinnamon.

On the other hand, tea lovers can opt for herbal tea options like – rosehip tea, thyme etc., or go for a simple hot turmeric drink to help soothe the blood flow.

  1. Extra Pointers

Apart from inculcating the above tips in your lifestyle, you should also focus on the list given below:

  • Regulate your emotions of anger and stress; you can also consider taking therapy if you are unable to manage it yourself.
  • Practice sleeping early and waking up early, with at least 7-8 hours of sound sleep.
  • Drink 4-5 liters of water daily.
  • Include foods or drinks that promote good gut health so as to have a healthy digestive system to eventually ensure regular period cycle.
  • Visit a doctor, if necessary.

Keep it Simple, Keep it Natural

The menstrual cycle is a part of your body and a sign of healthy functioning of the bodily mechanisms. So, the first step to keep these flowing accordingly, you must take charge and take care of it religiously.

Change starts with oneself.

Begin with a process of trust in yourself and be dedicated to the goal of adapting to a healthier lifestyle, consistently.

Only this will help you take control of how you live that will eventually help you lead a life where you will be sure about your period cycle dates.



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