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5G Enabled Next Gen Healthcare: Verizon Business and Visionable’s Joint Venture

verizon business

Verizon Business and Visionable

A connected, UK-based healthcare center will be launched jointly in 2020, by Verizon Business and Visionable, two technology majors in a collaboration.

The Centre, based in Kent, will be a place to showcase a patient-centric, safer and smarter futuristic healthcare system. The foundation will be provided by interlinked and inter-dependable healthcare ecosystems to host the Modern Hospital Wards, Hospital Control Hubs, Rooms of General Practice Consultation, Care Homes and smart ambulance forming a synergy of healthcare applications on end-to-end care pathways.

The move will offer a safe and secure infrastructure on which healthcare facilitators, professionals can collaborate to completely care for patients rather than working in silos due to technological constraints, concerns of patient’s privacy and strict compliance guidelines.

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