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A New Intervention Developed to Improve Cancer Patients’ Survival Rate


Improve Cancer Patients’ Survival Rate

A recent study performed by Cardiff University found that about a quarter of a million patients suffering from cancer were reported to have taken aspirin alongside their regular treatments (e.g., radiotherapy, chemo care). To this — the results demonstrated that those who took aspirin were 20% less likely to die from it, in comparison to those who didn’t.

Although the researchers suggest that aspirin may have blood thinning properties that prevent cancerous cells from spreading in the body, it is still unclear.

As per the UK Times, the study states that there appears to be a harmonious interaction between the biological effects of aspirin on it and the clinical outcome of it. Hence, based on the results, aspirin is considered to be a relatively safe drug.

To investigate more into the positive effects of aspirin,  Research UK will be funding the largest clinical trial, i.e., Add-Aspirin, in order to prevent specific types of cancer from returning.



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