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Concerned About Growing Old? Research suggests Aging May Be Good for Your Wellbeing


Aging May Be Good for Your Wellbeing

A recent study published on September 12, 2022, in the journal of Psychology and Aging suggests that the young could still learn a thing or two about cognition from the old.

The University of California San Diego School of Medicine involved researchers who were encouraged to better understand the association between mental health and cognition with respect to aging. For this purpose, the study involved 54 healthy older adults, aged beyond 60, and 62 healthy younger adults, in their 20s, were evaluated. The survey considered their symptoms of loneliness, anxiety, depression, and overall mental well-being.

The results demonstrated that the younger adults had significantly worse symptoms of depression, anxiety, and loneliness. Whereas the older adults had much better emotional wellbeing comparatively, however depicting a poor cognitive performance.

Through these results, the researchers will be able to look into therapeutic interventions for aging care that will continue to maintain their levels of emotional wellbeing while incorporating brain stimulation strategies for better cognitive performance.



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