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A new study shows that there is no such ‘safe alcohol limit’

A new study shows that there is no such ‘safe alcohol limit’

You should know this before your next visit to a bar, a house party, or hilling with friends.

The results from a new study from Oxford University show that alcohol affects the brain’s gray matter area where important bits and information is processed. The study was conducted to understand the effect of alcohol intake by taking the brain scans of 25000 British residents.

Anya Topiwala, lead researcher and author of the study mentioned the findings that the more people consumed alcohol lesser the volume of their gray matter become. The study also made interesting observations that consuming any type of alcohol affects the grey matter of the brain.

A study done by The Lancet in 2018 showed that 10% of global deaths were attributed to alcohol consumption. “While we are yet to find a cure for dementia and other neurodegenerative diseases, knowing about the factors that can harm our brain will play important role in improving public health,” said Dr. Topiwala.




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