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Magicpin and Onsurity have teamed together to give merchant partners with a healthcare membership with INR 1 lakh health insurance

Magicpin and Onsurity

Local merchants and their employees are the heartbeat of our country, and they have continued to serve us despite being affected by the pandemic. Onsurity, an Indian tech-enabled employee healthcare platform for growing enterprises, and Magicpin, an Indian savings app, have teamed together to establish a groundbreaking healthcare membership programme.

Magicpin merchant partners and their workers will be able to take advantage of a three-month complimentary healthcare subscription through this programme. This includes INR 1 lakh in health insurance (for COVID and non-COVID costs), INR 3 lakh in accidental insurance, and considerable savings on teleconsultations and pharmaceuticals.

Magicpin assembled a team of volunteers earlier this month to seek beds, medication, and oxygen to assist over 1.5 lakh merchant partners and the thousands of people they employ. They discovered that some of their merchant partners do not have proper health coverage, which was one of the significant insights they gained.

Magicpin chose to team up with Onsurity to come up with this new concept as a way to give back to its partners. Onsurity provides a one-of-a-kind monthly healthcare membership with quick purchasing, a healthcare card, and an unrivalled claims support service.

The Founder and CEO of Onsurity – Yogesh Agarwal, while commenting on the partnership, said, “We are excited to work with Magicpin as it furthers our vision to promote copreheensive affordable healthcare benefits to SMEs.”

He further added that Onsurity’s technology-driven flexible offering and monthly membership have allowed it to smoothly integrate merchants, guaranteeing that their teams have appropriate healthcare coverage.



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