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AI in Healthcare: The Regulations Dilemma


One of the most potential areas of Artificial Intelligence‘s (AI) application is in healthcare. AI has emerged as a revolutionary force in a variety of industries. It is certain and undeniable that AI will revolutionise medical diagnosis, therapy, and patient care. AI is already being employed in developed nations to help numerous public health initiatives, accelerate clinical research and development, and increase the speed and accuracy of medical diagnostics. It might aid countries with limited resources in closing the access to healthcare gap. Patients can also use AI to better manage their health.

However, the quick development of AI technology also brings with it a number of difficulties, including data security and privacy. The World Health Organisation (WHO) warns against exaggerating the advantages of AI in the health sector in its first worldwide report on the topic, “Ethics and Governance of Artificial Intelligence for Health.” It draws attention to the dangers associated with the unethical gathering and use of health data, patient safety, and algorithmic biases. The head of WHO, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, was quoted in a news release as saying that “like all new technology, artificial intelligence holds enormous potential for improving the health of millions of people around the world, but like all technology, it can also be misused and cause harm.”

The necessity for strict laws to control its usage in healthcare has arisen as a result of these difficulties and worries. There is still a long way to go, even if the WHO report outlines six principles as the foundation for AI legislation and governance to reduce the risks of AI and maximise its opportunities. Although artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare brings a new level of flexibility and continuous evolution, the current legal frameworks were primarily created for conventional healthcare systems.

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