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Osteoporosis the Silent Disease, warn Medical Experts


At times referred to as a ‘silent thief’, osteoporosis is revealed until the patient breaks the bone in an unknowing incident.

Despite this the disease is quite common. The rate is alarming as one in five men and one in three women in Canada might suffer a fracture resulting from osteoporosis in their lifetime.

This disease that develops very steadily where the bones become weak and brittle resulting in easy breaking.

Speaking to the press, Dr Carrie Ye said, “It’s not painful. It doesn’t make you tired. So you really don’t have symptoms just because you have low bone density.”

Dr Carrie, a renowned rheumatologist, and medical director of the Multidisciplinary Bone Health Clinic at Kaye Edmonton Clinic, mentioned that “What you will feel is a broken bone, so that can be painful.”

According to the health experts several risk factors can be associated in developing osteoporosis and early awareness about the bone health can definitely help prevent it.

Renewing the bones

The bones undergo a continuous process of breakage and building up, that keeps them strong and healthy. In other words, the race between the two types of cells—Osteoclasts, that break down the bones, and Osteoblasts, which build the bones.

Dr Angela Cheung, the professor of medicine at the University of Toronto and the University Health Network, said, “You can think of it like road work. Even with our daily activities, like running up and down stairs and doing whatever, we can do sort of micro-damage to the bone. And so, the bone responds by digging up the potholes.”

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