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AIMS Hospital & Research Center: Serving the People with Utmost Devotion & Humility

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The healthcare segment in Pune is undergoing an interesting metamorphosis with healthcare players foraying into the city and major hospitals slated for expansion. The major strength of this city is its hugely expanding population base. With this, comes a challenge to provide the best healthcare to the ever increasing population of the city.Aundh Institute of Medical Sciences or AIMS Pune is one of the newest additions to the healthcare segments in Pune. This hospital is already shaping to be one of the most committed hospitals that maintain clinical excellence by focusing on top class healthcare services, and uses the latest medical technology to do so.

Having a team of qualified doctors for treatment, assisted with the well-trained Nursing & Para Medico staff working round the clock for patient care, assists AIMS to deliver state-of-the-art healthcare services to all its patients. It has a prompt administrative staff to help patient to feel ease during their admission to the Hospital. It gives an overall home like feel, and this fact makes AIMS different than its competitor colleagues.

AIMS recognizes and believes that, “Every patient is important, and hence deserves the very best care possible. We will not be mechanical in our approach to work we do, and will take personal care of our patients.”

The Outstanding Doctors and Leaders of AIMS

Dr. M. S. Hiremath, is a qualified MD, DM, MNAMS, FISE, and is a leading Cardiologist of India. He strongly believes in providing the best quality treatment and prompt services to patients. He is a world reputed interventional Cardiologist; Dr. Hiremath has performed over1, 00,000 angiographies, and more than 30,000 angioplasties including coronary, peripheral, and carotid interventions. He also specializes in Carotid Stenting, Aortoiliac interventions, and peripheral angioplasties for leg attacks. He has additionally proctored many interventions in Malaysia, China, Vietnam, and Bangladesh besides participating in global trials. Dr. Hiremath is also a prestigious faculty at various international interventional programs.

Another renowned Gynaec Laparoscopic Surgeon and IVF Specialist associated with AIMS is Dr. Kishore Pandit, who is a faculty & speaker at various national and international societies of gynecological endoscopy. He has been bestowed with memberships of many prestigious organizations such as Society of Laparoendoscopic Surgeons (SLS, USA), International Society of Gynecological Endoscopy (ISGE), International Society for Gynecologic Endoscopy (IAGE), Pune Association of Gynecologic Endoscopy Surgeon (PAGES) and Indian Medical Association (IMA).

Dr. Kishore is the Founder President of PAGES, and General Secretary (2012 – 2013) of Pune Obstetrics & Gynecological Society (POGS). At present, he is the Executive Vice President of POGS.

One of the Directors of the hospitals Mr. Gokul Gaikwad is from the Social Service background and leading to AIMS, as continually improving its capability to identify, develop & provide services that are valued by its patients and result in good clinical outcome.

Mr. Gokul Gaikwad vision is- The hospital always committed to quality, as an integral part of its total operations with the goal of achieving clinical excellence, patient satisfaction, and safety, apart from its unique services.

The distinguished ex-honorable Mayor of Pune (1999-2002), Mr. Datta Gaikwad is also an integral part of the core team of AIMS. The recipient of ‘The Best Corporator, PMC’ (awarded by Rajiv Gandhi foundation), Mr.Gaikwad, is a Chairman of Chaturshrungi Devasthan Committee, and is a crusader pursuing multi-faceted development for the Aundh region.

Mr. Rajeev Krishnani, is a real estate wizard. His Water Conservation theory & suggestions have been accepted by the PCMC. He is an elected President for the West Zone, of the Sports Development Board of India, including the states of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Goa and Jharkhand.

Exceptional Services Benefitting the Patients & Industry

AIMS, is working towards patient care with a motivated team of Medicos,Para Medico’s & Administrative staff. It has been built by some of the most eminent Doctors & Social Entrepreneurs of Pune. In vicinity of seven km, no such equipped and qualified facility is available, accessible and affordable. It has one of the best world class ICU facilities in the area, a finest Cathlab facility & cardiac department, and IVF center. AIMS, is currently getting equipped with the latest CABG (Coronary artery bypass grafting), CRRT(Continuous Renal Replacement Therapies), AdvanceHAMILTONC2andVentilator-ICU.

AIMS is determined into supporting  government schemes like BPL, PMC, PCMC & Own Social works to name a few.

Growth & Testimonials that Speak Bounds

Statistically, AIMS is growing significantly year after year with a remarkable progression. The hospital’s recommendations and services themselves speak about trust it has built in the citizens. It has done the highest number of successful Cardiac treatments & Laparoscopic surgeries in the area.

  • A Senior Neuro Surgeon Dr. Sanjay Vhora (HOD of Sasoon Hospital) has operated a 52 years male patient with “h/o Cervical Cord Compression C4-C7 Stenosis.” Surgery- Decompressive Cervical Laminectomy C4-C5, C6-C7.
  • Wagholikar Gajanan & Dr. Agashe Prasad operated, a 35 years old female patient diagnosed with “Choledocal Cyst with lower CBD stricture, CBD stone and ERCP stenting done.”Surgery- Cholecystectomy with excision of Choledocal cyst, removal of CBD stone and Hepatico-Jejunostomy.

Future Goals & Vision of AIMS

The hospital is striving towards promote, restore, and maintain the health of all the people that come to AIMS. It works with a goal to achieve a bed capacity of two hundred, making Super Specialty Medical treatment available to all its patients.



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