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Oyster & Pearl Hospitals: A Pioneer in Modern Multi-Specialty Healthcare Industry

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Healthcare has been a subject of immense importance to the humanity since its inception. Good health is the key factor to human happiness and well-being. In today’s scenario, healthcare has become even more crucial. By leveraging the technological innovations, the healthcare sector is developing gradually every day. In the recent times, India has led the path of offering the most advanced and remarkable medical care. Oyster & Pearl Hospitals, popularly known as ONP, is one such leading brand who have pioneered modern healthcare in number of ways.

Oyster & Pearl Hospital is a team of passionate individuals that came together due to their shared quest for a healthy community. With five hospitals across Pune, ONP is the leader of medical care in Western Maharashtra. It specializes in IVF and mother & childcare in Pune, providing cutting-edge treatment to patients from across India and the world with the comfort of experienced doctors.

Having a sixty year old legacy, the skilled professionals at ONP have seen it all: the most critical cases and the most challenging medical problems. Aided by years of experience, they provide the best treatment to their patients.

About the Ingenuous, Passionate Leader

The CMD of Oyster & Pearl Group of Hospitals, Dr. Amita Phadnis, is a multifaceted personality, whose driving principle in life is the pursuit of excellence. She has achieved professional excellence in the fields of Pediatrics & Neonatology and excelled as a healthcare entrepreneur. She continuously updates her skills and knowledge to stay abreast with new developments and technology by reading journals and visiting conferences and renowned healthcare centers, keeping aside few weeks of time for this purpose every year. Amita is also a charismatic speaker and has been successfully conducting workshops on various topics.

She started her practice in Pune in the year 1992; she set up the first tertiary level Neonatal ICU, called Neo Clinic. In a few years, this clinic grew into a full-fledged Children’s Hospital offering comprehensive medical & surgical services for children, including a transport ambulance. After that, she worked at Sumati Health – Health Evaluation & Lifestyle Therapeutics as well as in the diagnosis sector, before joining Oyster & Pearl Hospital in 2008. Bringing with herself the vast experience of twenty-two years in clinical practice, she has established ‘The Pediatrics and Neonatology Department’ in ONP. Under her guidance, ONP has been expanding continuously and there’s no looking back.

Multi-Specialty Healthcare Services

From basic services like general medicine and surgery, pathology, ENT, and ophthalmology to complex treatments like plastic and cosmetic surgery, neurology, and oncology, Oyster & Pearl Hospital provides everything. It provides the facilities for endoscopy and cardio-thoracic surgery, neurosurgery, spine surgery, orthopedic and joint replacement, oncosurgery and radiology for cancer treatment, as well as treatment for EMS trauma, child and adult psychiatry. It also has departments for urology, nephrology, and gastroenterology. ONP specializes in child-birth and infant care and provides services in obstetrics, gynecology, pediatrics, and neonatology. Moving along with the technology, it has adopted modern medical techniques like, laparoscopic surgery, as well. Other than these services, ONP has various healthcare units like ICU, neonatal ICU, coronary care unit, modular operation theatres, and cath labs.

Patient-Centricity at Oyster & Pearl

The journey of ONP started 60 years ago and since then the hospital is based on the most basic aspect of healthcare- the bond between a patient and a hospital, where the patient is central to every thought and action. This is what the name of the hospital as well as its symbol reflects; a pearl inside an oyster. With a team of highly qualified doctors and skilled professionals, supported ably by cutting-edge technology, ONP has become a trusted name across generation.

ONP’s Core Values

It is driven by four core values that all the people at ONP believe in: Experience, Expertise, Safety, and Trust.

  • Experience: Sixty years of legacy in healthcare industry, gives them an advantage of widespread exposure.
  • Expertise: Having experts and pioneers in numerous healthcare fields helps them to assist their patients efficiently.
  • Safety: Patient’s safety is of utmost importance.
  • Trust: Patients have placed their trust in ONP’s services from last sixty years.

Providing Benevolent Facilities for the Underprivileged

Oyster & Pearl provides free checkup to the underprivileged. They organize “Shibir” and health camps jointly with NGOs and civil society. They conduct WOMB (Wellness of Mother and Baby) sessions cost-free for the public at large. There are provisions for child deliveries at nominal rates as well as specially designed MOM and WOMB packages for ‘below poverty line’ mothers and lower socio-economic strata of the society.

Future Plans

In the next few years, ONP plans to specialize in all the medical treatment facilities, including liver and kidney transplant. They are working on upgrading the existing neonatal care units to the leading-edge tertiary/quaternary neonatal care units, which will be supported and managed by highly qualified neonatologists. Their aim is to develop state-of-the-art infrastructure and expertise, in order to serve the society in multiple specialties, including organ transplants.



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