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Akanksha Hospital and Research Institute: Delivering the Joy of Parenthood

Dr. Nayana H Patel | Director | Akanksha Hospital
Dr. Nayana H Patel | Director | Akanksha IVF Center

The current studies suggest a substantial increase in the cases related to infertility among women, leading most couples to choose the option of surrogacy and alternative birth methods to experience the joy of parenthood.

To take this crucial decision, one must be mindful of some aspects like safety, professional attitude, doctor’s experience, hospital’s infrastructure, associated team, and a lot more. But with challenges lie opportunities too. These upcoming avenues are provided and facilitated by the healthcare professionals, who, with their expertise and skills, technology, and patient-friendly infrastructure, enable efficient medical solutions for patients looking for fertility solutions.

Spearheading this change is Akanksha Hospital and Research Institute, located in the surrogacy capital of the world, Gujarat, which is not only treating patients with their multi-specialty services and modern technologies but healing patients in their journey towards parenthood.

These treatments and the healing processes are supervised under the impeccable guidance of its Medical Director–Dr. Nayana Patel. She started her IVF practice in 1999 to gain the best knowledge to provide the best fertility treatments to patients, and since then, her dexterity in the field has helped her give life to more than 20000 babies.

Let us read further to know more about their journey!

Please brief our audience about your organization and tell us about your inspiration for venturing into the healthcare sector.

Akanksha hospital and research institute is a state of art, multi-specialty hospital that is ensconced in the lush green outskirts of the “milk and surrogacy capital of the world” that is, Anand, Gujarat, India. The organization is a 35-year-old brand that offers a wide range of health care services like Assisted reproduction technology including IVF/ICSI and surrogacy services, Endoscopy, Regenerative medicine, Aesthetic Gynecology, Joint replacement, General surgery, obesity management, and bariatric surgery, and Kidney care and dialysis center and much more.

My parents have a huge role to play in being my inspiration to serve humanity through my medical knowledge. My mother, a philanthropist, would go out of the way to do good to others and help people in her village in whatever way she could. My father, a barrister by profession, was hardworking, just, and a trusted advisor to many.

Ever since I graduated as a gynecologist, I always wanted to have my hospital, which would house various departments, and most importantly, that hospital should not smell or look like conventional hospitals. I visualized it to be self-sustaining, eco-friendly, and very clean with an elegant ambiance. So, all patients find it pleasant to the eye and would look forward to further treatment again.

Tell us about the core values on which your organization is built and what is the mission of the organization.

It is my vision to create a world-class multi-specialty hospital, which aims to not only treat but heal all patients and set a new benchmark in the field of holistic healthcare. Our mission is to be leaders and advocates in the pursuit of excellence in women’s health care.

To be a national and internationally renowned center for woman and family-centered care through innovation, evidence-based practice, strategic partnerships, and integrated multi-specialty care. It is our culture to care for and heal all patients with honesty and integrity.

Brief us about the organization’s USPs and how it is currently positioned as the most reliable name in the IVF & Fertility Centers.

Being recognized as one of India’s best IVF hospitals, we offer a huge spectrum of treatments all under one roof. In vitro fertilization, class 100 embryology lab with all the latest embryology services like laser-assisted hatching (LAH), oocyte activation, oocyte vitrification, EMBRYO WITNESSING SYSTEM, andrology, management of male infertility, surgical sperm extraction, ICSI, Preimplantation genetic testing (using NGS in the house), Diagnostic and fertility-enhancing endoscopic surgery, Regenerative medicine in fertility treatments, in house surrogacy dormitory, Intensive care for the management of high-risk obstetric cases, third party reproduction, genetic counseling, etc.

Tell us more about your organization’s offerings and what aspects make it stand out in the healthcare industry.

Being a multi-specialty facility, the hospital offers various departments under one roof. It is a NABH-certified, Green, and Eco-friendly certified hospital that functions on 100 % solar power, wastewater reusing system, and nature-friendly biomedical waste disposal.

  • Department of Reproductive medicine (IVF)
  • Department of Dialysis
  • Department of interventional cardiology
  • Intensive care unit
  • Department of Aesthetic gynecology
  • Department of Physiotherapy and acupuncture
  • Department of Pediatrics and neonatal intensive care
  • Department of joint replacement
  • Department of Surgery
  • Obesity clinic
  • Department of cosmetology
  • Department of dentistry
  • Department of Molecular Diagnostics
  • Research unit
  • Human milk bank
  • Department of Occupational therapy

With the ever-evolving technological marvels, how is your organization providing the latest Fertility treatments, especially when it comes to catering to the dynamic need of the healthcare space?

Rightly said, with the ever-advancing technological marvels, it is very important to stay updated. We attend National and International Webinars/ Conferences to stay updated. We run our Training programs for Doctors, Embryologists, Nurses, and Students.

We have a lot of resources as a Hospital and Research Institute. We have our own Molecular Laboratory, where we run dissertation programs for Students, Embryology lab where all Clinical Science and Research are conducted. We have conducted more than 5 Clinical trials on Site since 2015.

Being an experienced leader, share your opinion on how adopting modern technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) is impacting the healthcare industry and how your organization is adapting to this change.

Being in this field for the last 30 years, I have noticed a great deal of change in terms of technology intervention. Technology has entered all fields and it has helped a lot in

the medical fraternity. Assisted Reproductive Technology is a field that requires a lot of Witnessing.

Patients from all over the globe put their trust in our organization. There is a massive amount of psychological, mental, and physical burden on patients regarding their confidential information. Keeping that in mind, we have invested in a Witnessing machine that generates Patient ID and has a Bar code system that attaches the bar code to every consumable of patients. So, the patient is at ease and can trust our brand/organization.

In addition to this, we believe that nothing beats the experience and knowledge of humans. Yet we feel that technical assistance is necessary. Therefore, we have invested in Software that grades Human Embryos by the picture. It is a necessary step to upgrade ourselves and inculcate this amazing technology. Artificial Intelligence is very helpful and necessary for an organization’s upgradation. This is the way forward in the future.

What would be your advice to budding entrepreneurs who aspire to venture into the healthcare sector?

Identifying the different entrepreneur opportunities in healthcare is not a one-size-fits-all process. Some people succeed with their first project, while others take years and multiple tries before they break through. It is important to gain knowledge, work hard, make good

connections, stay flexible and humble and constantly evolve to have good gains and succeed. Remember, there is no shortcut to success.

How do you envision scaling your organization’s operations and offerings in 2022 and beyond?

My aim has always been to stay updated on advanced technologies, refine our skills, and procure the latest types of equipment to give the best results to our patients. After the global pandemic, the year 2022 appears to be a good bounce back for resuming fertility treatments, which were on a long hold viz a viz, an estimated one million women have conceived during the pandemic.

In especially 2022, we want to serve each of these women efficiently. We also have huge plans for expansion as we are coming up with our fertility chains pan India in the name of ZIVIA IVF, where we are planting centers in Jaipur, Pune, Bhopal, Mumbai, and many more.

Please give us a few testimonials from your clients and awards or recognition that accurately highlight your organization’s position in the market.

There are many testimonials. Attaching the link to a few of the awards and testimonials for reference: Recipient of Times of India – hospital Award Divya Bhaskar – Award for Best IVF Centre in the west Zone ET Times – National Fertility Award 2019 Zivia IVF to be Top 10 Fertility Chains in India – 2022

In the long lifespan filled with ambitions to fulfill, everyone is backed by a strong support system. What was this for you and how did you help you fly higher in your professional journey?

I am very proud of my entire team of 400 staff members who are like my extended family, most of whom have been with me since the start of my practice 38 years back. I am ever so grateful to the almighty, who chose me to treat my patients to the best of my abilities and knowledge.

My family, especially my husband Dr. Hitesh Patel, an orthopedic surgeon, for constant support and guidance. I am happy to mention here that my son – Dr. Niket and my daughter-in-law – Dr. Molina, have joined me in my practice for 9 years now. Working together as a family helps in more efficient micromanagement of the hospital and also makes me put my best foot forward for all my patients.

The Face of Akankasha Hospital and Research Institute

Dr. Nayana Patel is the Medical and Managing director of Akanksha hospital and research institute. She started her practice in the small town of Anand, in Gujarat, in 1991, along with her husband, Dr. Hitesh Patel, as a small maternity home with combined orthopedic services. Dr. Nayana Patel trained for IVF from various centers in Mumbai, Singapore, USA, and London and started her IVF practice in 1999 to gain the best knowledge in order to provide the best fertility treatments to patients; since then till now more than 20000 babies have been born by her treatment. She started surrogacy in 2003. The first case done by Dr. Patel was Asia’s First and World 5, the case in which the grandmother gave birth to her grandchildren.

This was a major breakthrough that marked Akanksha hospital and Dr. Patel on the global map. Since then, there has been no looking back.

The center has to its credit the world record of delivering over 1650 babies through surrogacy. Over the years, the hospital has grown in numbers and achievements. With a staff of over 400 members, the hospital has expanded into multi-specialty care with specialized departments like Fetal medicine, Neonatal intensive care, Physiotherapy, Cardiology, Intensive care, Aesthetic gynecology, Aesthetic surgery, Regenerative medicine, Joint replacement, etc. It caters to patients from all over the world.

The Accolades Table                                                            

Awarded the “Jewels of Gujarat” award (2016)

Awarded by KIIT University for TED talk (2016)

Awarded by SCSICON, New Delhi for stem cell advances & their clinical applications (June,2016)

Awarded by ATG in Indian Medical Association on Third Party Reproduction and Art Guidelines (2016)

Awarded by Mahagujarat Medical Society for Recent Advances in Midwifery (March,2016)

Best of the Best IVF centre by IVF India (2013 – 2014)

Awarded by International conference & Live workshop on ART & Endoscopy on Insight 12 Lite- Laparascopy & infertility Trending (May,2012)

Dr. Shobhnaben A. Shah Rotating Trophy [2006-07] by IMA Gujarat for best social work in Medical Practice.

Honor’s Felicitations & References:

IMA Gujarat has awarded her with the “Dr. Shobhanaben A. Shah Rotating Trophy” for Year 2006 – 07 for best Social work by a medical practitioner.

The former Chief Minister of Gujarat, Shree. Narendra Modi had invited her to honour her at the district “Mahila Sammelan” on 27th July, at Ode.

Dr. Nayna Patel was selected as President of State Obst. & Gynaec society of Gujarat (SOGOG), for the year 2010.

Dr. Nayana Patel was felicitated by GCCI (Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry) on 8th March 2009 (Women’s Day) by Minister Mrs. Anandiben Patel.

Dr. Patel was invited in “Oprah Winfery Show” –9th October 2007.

Dr. Patel has also been invited at show HardTalk.

Dr. Patel has invited as a speaker in TEDTalk.

Dr. Patel has also invited as a speaker in JoshTalk.

Among numbers of documentaries featuring her work in surrogacy, the well-known are “Womb of the World” by National Geographic, “House of Surrogates” By BBC.

CNN, Star TV, Zee, Aaj Tak, NDTV etc. have shown her work. Dr. Patel was called for interview by Zee Sangini for Gujarat Day, where in 7 leading ladies of Gujarat were honoured along with Dr. Nayana Patel. Magazines like Abhiyan, Chitralekha, The week, India Today, Eve magazine – London, Maclean – Canada, Mariclaire – USA have published article on her work.

“Miss. Phul Gulabi”, a Gujarati two Act play has also been made on Dr. Nayna Patel and her work on surrogacy, written by Mr. Nausil Mehta and Directed by Mr. Vipul Shah.

“Asha Nu Antim Kiran” and “The Last Ray of Hope”, books written by Mr. Karshan Bhadarka on Dr. Patel’s work, were launched in March and July 2009.

Dr. Patel has delivered lectures on surrogacy and infertility at National and International conferences. She was featured in India’s first speaking coffee table book “Who is who,” of Gujarat Industries. (2017)

She has also credit Asia’s FIRST & World’s FIFHT case of a surrogate grandmother who delivered on 18/1/2004 Only 3D OT Private setup in Gujarat for minimal access surgery (MAS)

On 8th March a book written by Mr. Karshan Bhadarka on Nayana Patel’s work- “Asha nu Antim Kiran” was launched English book “The last hope of ray” was launched in July 2009.

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