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Kevin McKenzie: Rooted in Swiss Quality, a Life Sciences Company with a Global View

Kevin McKenzie | Alpex pharma
Kevin McKenzie | Alpex pharma

In the ever changing and rapidly developing world of healthcare products, success demands a finely-tuned combination of several elements: a deeply-held passion for innovation and exploration, a strong foundation of deep rooted experience, and vantage point far beyond that of the competition. For Alpex Pharma Chairman & President Kevin McKenzie, Alpex’s base nestled high in the Swiss Alps is the perfect setting to reflect his company’s mission, as well as his own personal passions.

“With Alpex’s standards, reliability and expertise, we are with our clients through every step of the way as their dependable Swiss partner,” says McKenzie. He understands the importance of having a trusted guide, as he is an avid outdoor athlete and spends much of his downtime hiking and swimming in his majestic Alpine backdrop. “We have to be living for what we preach.”

Alpex provides complete end-to-end solutions to research, develop, and commercialize innovative pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products. It’s a journey not unlike scaling new ground, and where expertise and sure-footedness can make or break a new venture. Alpex guides its clients from initial concept through a complex road of R&D, product development, feasibility and pre-formulation, formulation development, clinical trials, product registration, global regulatory affairs, commercial manufacturing and global export – to finally being sold in global markets.

A Foundation Built on Quality

Switzerland has long enjoyed a global reputation for quality and innovation, particularly for health products. The country offers many industry-building strengths including solid research systems, human resources, and intellectual assets. Standing on the legacy of 40 years of experience in this growth-oriented environment has made Alpex a powerhouse in the market, and known for producing competitive, innovative products at scale.  

Alpex has a wide range of proprietary technology developed over the past four decades, and the company continues to innovate and add complementary technologies to its extensive portfolio. Its manufacturing facilities produce more than 200 million units of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products annually, and are fortified with a PGW (pharma-grade warehouse) that is both FDA- and Swissmedic-certified.

Leading and (Living) by Example

Alpex’s determination to remain on the leading edge of R&D and product development requires quite a bit of vision and targeted action. According to McKenzie, it is a spirit that flows through the whole Alpex team on a personal level as well.

“We all draw from our individual journeys with our own personal health and nature, and use them to create new products and perspectives.”

It is part of the Alpex culture to continue to innovate and expand the capabilities of both their human and technological resources. This means to always be plotting out the next journey and never be stagnant. McKenzie says that sense of adventure allows the company to always be on the lookout for the next great product and the talented expert team to make a customer’s dream a successful reality.

Encouraging Change and Productive Disruption

In the context of his leadership of Alpex, McKenzie says that innovation is about much more than inventing, or disruption for disruption’s sake, and he applies that to Alpex’s ethos. He places a focus on implementing change while maintaining key values with his teams and human resources: on the one hand, how to unlearn, relearn, and master new knowledge and technical skills, and on the other, how to engage others at a deeper, more humanistic, and passionate level. McKenzie encourages his Alpex team to unleash their potential by giving them voice, and providing the resources to implement innovative ideas and bring them to life.

“We are building for the future, serving customers’ needs today and preparing for the customers of tomorrow. So, we are continually innovating and analyzing critically on several fronts, from global opportunities and market shifts to our own company goals over time,” he says.

Embracing the Future and Forging a New Roadmap

Looking ahead to Alpex’s own growth, longevity and legacy, McKenzie remains focused on the company’s simple mission to, as he puts it, “help everyone live longer, healthier and happier lives.” Using his own passion for exploration and the epic backdrop of Alpex’s home in the Swiss Alps as his constant inspiration, McKenzie sees Alpex’s success, and impact on global health, well into the future.

“Entrepreneurs new to this sector can find it discouraging; regulatory hurdles and capital needs alone create high entry barriers,” says McKenzine. “Moreover, the infrastructure requirements and the sheer science behind it create this huge knowledge barrier. But it is also a very fertile ground for change and disruption.”

McKenzie also points out that pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals are particularly stable industries because they are central to many people’s lives and will certainly remain so. And as populations rise alongside education and health awareness, so will the global demand for high-quality, reliable and effective products.

“The health and medical industry is becoming more global in scale, especially as we add to our  understanding of consumer demands in distinct parts of the world, especially in places like Asia and Africa. With our Swiss base, Alpex is in a prime vantage point to produce and provide high-quality products that can be brought to market quickly and efficiently, and trusted by consumers globally.”

“My partners and I are all committed to outliving each other,” McKenzie says. “Our own passion for health and longevity fuels our business – we all plan to be healthy and kicking when Alpex reaches its golden jubilee in another 60 years!”



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