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Altius Hospital: Being the Womb for Every Woman

Dr. B Ramesh | Altius Hospital
Dr. B Ramesh

With the advent of technology, several medical systems have evolved, from the first test tube in the 70s to the assistive reproductive technologies today. As things have improved with time, the introduction of assisted reproductive technology like In Vitro Fertilisation and others made every couple’s dream come true and gave them the happiness of being parents to their child and, finally, the opportunity to celebrate with society.

But observing the reality, one might wonder, “Are the new-age fertility options accessible to all couples, and is the process transparent and safe for every woman?” In answering this question, many leading hospitals, in collaboration with advancing technology and skilled professionals, have tried to deliver safety and transparency in the process and have made more families happy by expanding access to fertility treatments.

One such leading hospital is Altius Hospital, whose core values of transparency and ethical practices, along with warmth and compassion in providing IVF treatment, have positioned it as the most reliable name in the IVF & Fertility Centre in 2022.

The hospital is touching the skies with its committed staff and technology, who are rightly led and guided by its Founder Dr. B. Ramesh, who has a special interest in Infertility treatment and IVF and has been successfully running three IVF centers in Bangalore.

Let’s read more about the change the hospital is driving in the healthcare sector.

The Inception Story

The journey of an arrow begins when an archer holds it on the bowstring and ends when it strikes the center of the archery board. The archer’s goal is translated into reality by the arrow.

This scenario aptly summarizes the inspiration behind the inception of Altius Hospital. The hospital was started by Dr. B. Ramesh in 2004, where his inspiration was his goal. He expresses, “over the journey of becoming a doctor, I have seen many patients missing out on best treatment option due to lack of advanced resources and treatment options.”

To tackle this challenge and while reminiscing the beginning, he continues, “Hence, my aim was to make healthcare accessible for all. Everyone should get Quality treatment at an affordable and transparent price.”

The target was set, and the journey had begun. And it was all possible because of the ability and experience of the founder.

Doctor Protean

Health emergencies call for skills of versatility and agility. The founder with his specialization in various laparoscopic sling procedures for nulliparous prolapse, Hysteroscopic surgeries for uterine septum, Tubal Cannulations, Adhesiolysis, and all methods of endometrial ablation, including TCRE and LASER ablation, as an alternative to hysterectomy, has led the hospital to reach up the ladder of success. “We perform SILS,” he proudly shares, “We were the first teams to perform 3D laparoscopic surgeries in India.”

Elaborating further, he says, “I also treat cases of urinary stress incontinence and laparoscopic pelvic floor repair referred by Gynaecologists and other colleagues.” Not limiting the ambitions and drive to provide quality care and to have a special interest in Infertility treatment and IVF, the founder, has been successfully running three IVF centers in Bangalore.

Service, Compassion, and Integrity– The Heart of Altius

An organization takes a professional jump when it sticks to its core values. It becomes essential, especially in the healthcare niche where most of the ethical dilemmas are faced. Keeping in mind important, the hospital is driven by its core values of transparency and ethical practice, which is reachable to all sections of society. It is founded on three pillars:

  • Service
  • Compassion
  • Integrity

The hospital, to ensure that its’ short-term goals are achieved, is supported by a strong mission to always ensure that the patient experience and care are at the heart of

everything the hospital serves to. The commitment to core values is also visible in the products and services the hospital offers.

Serving Affordability

Talking about the services the hospital offers, Dr. B. Ramesh says, “Our USP is Advanced yet Affordable IVF Care.” The hospital’s USP is driven by a motto, which Dr. B Ramesh describes as, “It is our endeavor to buy warmth and compassion to IVF treatment with honesty and transparency.”

The endeavor has drafted a linear growth curve for the hospital as it is up to date and on par with all other infertility centers. The founder proudly says, “we have 60% successful pregnancy rates. An added advantage is that we have a Laparoscopic facility which gives the upper hand on better treatment for all the Infertility patients.”

This has distinguished its place in the market and made it achieve a branding of being reliable in the fertility centers. But some more factors and efforts have helped it reach this position.

The Add-Ons: Pendent and Or1

Altius Hospital is one of India’s best leading centers with Gynaec Laparoscopic surgery, Infertility & Urogynaecology treatments. It is a 50 Bedded Hospital with High Tech State-of- art specialty center. Talking further about his pride in the hospital, Dr. B. Ramesh says, “Our hospital is renowned as the Third Operation Theatre in the country to have OR1 system (first in Karnataka).

With IVF treatment, we are also Number 1 in Laparoscopic surgeries; we provide advanced treatment facilities, i.e., V NOTES, SILS, 3 D Lap, etc.” Being abreast with the latest architectural design innovations, the hospital has all equipment and monitors

suspended from the ceiling by pendents and cables. Gas connections to the equipment run through the pendent. The advantage of pendent system is saving floor space and concealing all the cables and connections. Pendent with the equipment can be moved to 360 degrees throughout in operation room.

Further elaborating on the benefits of the OR1 system, he explains, “With OR1’s help, the entire control of Medical Devices, Lighting, Room, Cameras, and Tele-conferencing from a Central Station inside or outside with the sterile area communication BUS system (SCB) can be monitored continuously & smoothly.”

The Doctor and his Tools

The world is surviving on machines, quite literally, and hence every health organization needs to include upgrading and evolving technological solutions in the dynamic healthcare space. At Altius, this has been done through the following fertility solutions to facilitate the latest fertility treatments. These include:

  • Clinically – NK cell Biopsy, BAPC: BM-derived stem cell injection Hysteroscopically.
  • Micromanipulation (ICSI)
  • Laser Assisted Hatching
  • Embryo Biopsy
  • TimeLapse Imaging, PGD, PGS etc

The remarkable progress with the adoption of the latest technology is seen in the amazing clinical pregnancy success rate of 50 percent and the total pregnancy success rate of 70 percent.

Ideating Future Change

Venturing into the minutia of technological advancements, the solutions of machine learning and artificial intelligence are proving to be like a trump for a hospital in patient care. Along similar lines, talking about this, Dr. B. Ramesh shares, “We have a data computerized system which gives us correct analysis and tracking of patient’s history and progress. Artificial intelligence is yet to be implemented, which we are going to soon apply in the near future to improve our success rate. Machine learning will update us in our academics to give us progress in our treatment protocol.”

It is not just technology but human cognitive skills too that enhance operations in any industry. The efficiency of these skills, along with words of wisdom from the experienced,

turn a commoner into a leader.

Venture with Wisdom

When one ventures into a sector or plans to venture, several apprehensions follow, which makes one doubt one’s capacities, making them straddle the career boat. Words from a veteran surely help in such times. As a leader in the healthcare industry, Dr. B. Ramesh’s advice to budding entrepreneurs is, “Success comes from curiosity, concentration, perseverance, and self-criticism. It is your energy and persistence that will make you conquer your goals.”

Scaling heights

While being in the present is good but being constant is not. The present should be dynamic, which would help one achieve future heights. Shaping the present of the hospital while being dynamic, the founder envisions the future of the hospital as, “Now with years of experience in the subject, I want to promote all the recent advances used in western countries to be easily available for our patients.

I want to establish a well-trained team of doctors to make my Altius Hospital the best Healthcare center. To train all the young doctors with the advanced facility so that they will take it forward to the higher step

Patient’s Tales

Mrs. Nandini,

“After trying for many years spontaneously, we conceived through IVF treatment under

Dr. B. Ramesh and since then we have been under his constant supervision along with

his team. We had a very happy nine-month antenatal journey and delivered in safe


Mrs. Madhushri,

“Today I’ve been blessed with my pregnancy positive news and all thanks to the entire team

at Altius Hospital. I had come to them with a failed IVF cycle at another center. I was

emotionally shattered when I came. From my first consultation at Altius to the entire

treatment of my IVF cycle – I’ve realized how different and diligently Dr. Ramesh has

handled it.

A thorough investigation was done for my previous failure and the entire team

of doctors and embryologists kept me updated regularly on the processes. And today I’m so

grateful to them for this positive news. I would also like to thank the sisters and counselor

and wish the best for the team at Altius.”

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