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Amada Senior Care: A name Synonymous with Precise and Admirable Care

Robert Christensen | Amada Senior Care
Amada Senior Care | Robert Christensen

Assisted living and home care is the preferred option for most seniors today. After all, who doesn’t want to remain in the comfort of their homes as they age? While some do just fine while maintaining a good quality of life in nursing homes or assisted living facilities, most older adults want to remain in their homes, where they feel most safe and secure. There are many benefits that come with seniors remaining in the comfort of their homes.

One of the most important benefits of assisted home care is the fact that it helps your elderly loved one to retain a certain level of autonomy. The home care agency worker will visit them as often as required and provide all the assistance they need. At the same time, your loved one will have the freedom and independence to continue with their daily activities, hobbies, and social life.

Comprehending these factors and offering a plethora of services with assured reliabilities, Amada Senior Care helps families refine their options based on individual care needs, budget, location, and personal preference. The organization holds an extensive experience with long-term care insurance, veterans’ programs, other non-traditional payment options to assist families to figure out the best ways to pay for assisted living.

Amada Senior Care primarily focuses on providing quality care. The organization explores ways to make simple everyday tasks special. Amada’s in-home caregivers not only take care of daily essentials, but they also go above and beyond to make their clients smile.

Under the leadership of Robert Christensen, the CEO, Amada Senior Care excels as America’s trusted resource for caregiving and long-term care. Its caregivers are trained to provide assistance with personal care and activities of daily living.

The mission of Amada Senior Care has always been to enrich lives–the lives of seniors and of all those who are employed to serve. The organization has six core values –

  • Compassionate and Charitable
  • Competitively Driven to be the Best
  • Urgency in All Things
  • Entrepreneurial Farmer Mentality
  • Confidently Humble, and
  • Grateful

Amada makes an active effort to partner with, hire, and promote people who demonstrate these traits.

The Principles of Quality Care

Most of Amada’s locations provide senior living placement and referral services, non-medical, in-home care exclusively for needs like bathing, dressing, meal preparation, medication reminders, etc.

Even though this kind of care is essential for many, it’s typically not funded by Medicare. Amada’s services are either paid for privately, by Long-Term Care Insurance, or are covered by government programs like the Aid and Attendance Benefit (for those who are veterans or surviving spouses to one).

“I talk to so many families who initially don’t realize how likely it is that their Mom, Dad, or a senior loved one will need this kind of care at some point in their lives, and it’s surprising to them when they’re eventually in that situation. Because of this, they’re very grateful to have someone there to guide them through the process,” emphasizes Robert.

Compassion and Care Go Hand-in-Hand at Amada

Compassion is Amada’s first core value for a reason. Often, seniors and their families are struggling with difficult health challenges. In such times, it takes a truly nurturing person who is concerned with seniors’ emotional and physical needs to provide top-tier care. It is for this reason that the organization is very specific with hiring caregivers who demonstrate the level of compassion that is required.

With the Advancements in Technology

Amada uses two key tech-platforms to support its senior care measures. AXISCARE manages the daily operations of direct care. It allows the organization to perform a perfect match between the caregiver and the client. Secondly, PLACED matches the care needs of seniors with the best senior living facilities in the community.

In addition, the organization has amazing billing software that allows it to process long-term care insurance claims on behalf of senior clients who have LTCi policies. For people who have one and have tried to file a claim, they know that it can be incredibly difficult, and there are a lot of hoops to jump through. Amada’s billing software and expertise in serving seniors with Long Term Care Insurance removes the burden from the shoulders of seniors and families.

Icon of Serving High-Quality Care

Amada’s partnership with the Home Care Standards Bureau has helped the organization in terms of its care quality. They’re a third-party, independent organization that evaluates home care companies based on the standard of care they provide. A significant number of Amada’s offices have received an “A+” rating from them.

In addition, Amada also conducts ongoing customer satisfaction surveys and visits to seniors’ homes to ensure that care is of the highest quality possible. Partnering with My Senior Care Finder has also been a great resource for senior care education and referrals for Amada’s offices.

Recently, the organization was ranked in the Top 5 Best Workplaces in Aging Services for at-home care by Fortune Magazine. This was based on its stellar performance in a 2022 Great Place to Work survey, where 92% of the employees said that Amada was a great place to work (compared to 57% of employees at a typical US company). In the past, it has also received numerous accolades from publications like Franchise Business Review, Inc. and Forbes.

Reflecting upon its success, for the enthusiasts who are willing to venture into senior care service, Robert says, “When you put their needs first the business will come. Be sure to build a strong team of administrative staff and care providers with the same values and vision as you do from day one.”

Ascending towards the Future Endeavor

In the last ten years, Amada, as a senior care organization, has transformed from one single location to over 150 locations throughout the US—employing, mentoring, and watching tens of thousands of employees—grow personally and professionally along the journey.

Considering the vision, by the end of 2027, Amada aligns its efforts to have around 250 offices open. Robert shares, “We want a location in virtually every state. We are always looking for people that share our core values. All new locations complete Amada University’s intensive and thorough senior care business and operations training before opening each office location.”

Continuum of Everlasting Values

Care is not often about an organization’s measure of growth. Rather, it is about intentional emotion and dedication to serving seniors. Amada knows it perfectly, as its care has always been about human compassion—towards both the seniors as well as their caregivers—by putting their needs above everything else.

This has led millions of seniors and their families to put forth their trust in it. Through its sincere efforts, Amada as a brand has come to be known as outstanding direct care, with a special focus on serving seniors with long-term care measures.

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