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Moe Kaadan | CEO |America Medic & Science

Bioaccumulation has become a cause of concern for human well-being for many environmentalists, other academicians, and medical personnel in the 21st century. But what breaks this chain is a cognizant turn towards organic farming.

As important and trending as organic farming is, it is also noticed that for an individual to get all the nutritional elements, there has to be a medium to combine the benefits of organic farming and deliver it safely to each and every household.

America Medic & Science realized this need and is delivering 100 percent safe, natural, and GMP-approved products to its customers for the last three decades. It is highly committed to empowering individuals of all ages, helping them lead healthy lives, and building brighter futures by providing them with the highest quality nutritional supplements. With its innovative team and state-of-art manufacturing unit that is FDA-approved, it is catering to diverse market cohorts – from female & male supplements, and children’s health, to weight-control products – that are infused with essential vitamins and minerals.

This transformation in the nutraceutical market by AMS is possible by its CEO – Moe Kaadan, who is not just a committed leader but a multi-talented athlete, traveler, explorer, and much more. He began AMS with a small idea that has now transitioned into a team of over 100 employees, sending out thousands of products to some of the biggest countries in the world!

AMS is always about seeking and helping to transform the future into a healthier, and more wholesome one, let us see how by delving into the story below!

AMS Inception – A Dream Come True

AMS’ journey began in January 2007, as a result of the CEO’s passion for entrepreneurship. Moe expresses, “It wasn’t easy back then, as I sustained my job while brainstorming strategies to fuel this young idea. But once it showed signs of growth and progress, I quit my job to realize its fullest potential.”

AMS is the product of his 15-year experience as a Mobility and Civil Engineer in international firms, with now three decades of pharmaceutical expertise with the brilliant team of AMS that it brings to the world. What began just as an idea for conventional pharmaceuticals, is now a global nutraceutical firm.

Today, AMS’ cutting-edge technology has reached all major continents. Moe informs that they have partnered with top global figures to foster innovation and deliver high-quality products to their consumers. But the backbone to their success today is their experienced and dedicated team which has created innovative products for the market. He highlights, “One of our biggest achievements is our expansion into natural fertility products which has yielded excellent results. On a regular basis, our team of over 100 employees sends out thousands of products to some of the biggest countries in the world. The foundation of such success is our company ethos. We believe in the progress of our employees and executives, and the adherence to social values and sustainability.”

Distinguished Product Offerings for All

AMS specializes in the manufacturing of natural products and dietary supplements. They precisely cater to the market that provides male & female Fertility supplements, Weight Control, Cardiovascular health, Energy, Mental Focus & Health, Children’s Health and Essential Vitamins & Minerals. A few of their popular products include:

  • Florabiotix takes a natural approach to gut health with 10 probiotic strains and 30 billion live cultures.
  • Immunexa by AMS is a 7 in 1 immunity boosting supplement
  • Pearly Caps
  • OvaMax

They also have supplements curated safely for children that boost their health and nutrition starting from younger years. These are in the form of naturally flavored liquidated formulas of dietary supplements that cover children’s daily needs of vitamins and minerals which are essential for their growing years, healthy physical and cognitive development, and overall wellness. Some of these include:

  • PediaWell Basic
    • Provides three essential vitamins – vitamin A, C and D3
    • Has Fluoride to support tooth building years
    • Free of Parabens, completely natural with exciting flavors
  • PediaWell D-400
  • PediaWell Iron, etc

What sets them apart from others in the market is that their range of products includes 100 percent natural supplements and products. Moe informs, “All our products are GMP approved and are manufactured in our state-of-the-art FDA Inspected and Registered Facilities. We are also members of the Natural Products Association.

With its healthy and natural product offerings, AMS is highly committed to empowering individuals of all ages, to help them lead healthy lives and to help them build brighter futures by providing them with the highest quality of nutritional supplements.

Since its inception till today, America Medic & Science has emerged as a leader in its industry under the leadership of its management team.

A Healthifying Vision

Behind the company’s success is the long–term vision of its CEO – Moe Kaadan who, with his team, is striving hard to make AMS the trusted global leader in the field of nutraceuticals. He says, “This vision drives and motivates me to get up and go to work every day. I take pride in extending our hand to individuals of all ages with health concerns that can be addressed with quality, safe and organic nutritional supplements to complement a variety of lifestyles and diets. I believe that together we can build a brighter and healthier future.”

Moe started with his career when he moved from Lebanon to the United States in pursuit of higher education. From there he began on his professional journey with his first job as a Mobility Engineer for 10 years and then as a Civil Engineer for 5 years in well-renowned international firms.

Being the CEO of AMS, he says that he can personally assure for AMS supplements as he himself is a customer too. He says, “It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you into our world of science, innovation and health. I encourage you to make us a part of your lifestyle and let us help you work towards a better quality of life.

Aspiring For a Better Future

Life at AMS is always about seeking and helping to transform the future into a healthier, and a more wholesome one. Through innovation, diligent research and resolute commitment to its consumers, AMS hopes to bring the bounty of nature into every home and reintroduce it as a daily practice in its customers’ busy, fast-paced lives.

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