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ANAGENIX: Innovating Pathways for Natural Health Supplements

Chris Johnson | Managing Director | ANAGENIX
Chris Johnson | Managing Director

Natural therapy is turning into a magic pill for most people indulging in it. The timeline to experience this is though constrained because of limited space, time, availability and avenues. In the effort to let its benefits linger and deliver the best of organic elements from nature to its consumers, leaders, through their work establishments and research have developed products that derive the essence of nature and gift humans a healthy life.

One such company is ANAGENIX, who manufactures natural health and wellness products and is broadly based on three foundational pillars – Science, Marketing and Sales Toolkit.

They deep dive into the science of each of ingredients, identifying pathways and delivering on efficacy. The second pillar is marketing, where the strategic thrust is on a bottom-up marketing strategy, starting with end consumers. The third pillar is their sales toolkit, which has a suite of technical and marketing materials to make it easy for distributors to sell to brands, making it easy for brands to say a yes.

These three foundational pillars are supported by constant efforts by the three human brains – its Managing Director – Chris Johnson, Marketing Head – Elizabeth Tay, and its Chief Science Officer – Doug Rosendale.  

Through the interview highlights below, let us know more about how the company and its products are delivering chemical-free health.

Kindly brief us about ANAGENIX and the developments or ideas that led to its inception.

Anagenix is an award-winning, leading global manufacturer and supplier of innovative natural health and wellness ingredients. We deliver cutting-edge solutions that are backed by (clinical) science. Our ingredients are made in New Zealand, one-hundred percent natural, plant-based products with a proven track record in commercializing science in the global marketplace.

What are the core values of the company? How are you driving the company to achieve its mission and vision statement?

Innovation is our DNA. We have an innovation-friendly culture that encourages the team to think differently about problems. We work collaboratively with partners such as growers and New Zealand Crown Research Institutes to bring together the best of know-how and skills. This allows us to bring superior differentiated offerings and give customers market advantage.

We are a science-oriented company and every ingredient we bring to market is scientifically proven with in vitro, in vivo and clinical studies. Customers include our ingredients into their formulation with full confidence in health deliverables.

Customers have access to our technical and sales toolkit, containing a suite of content from quality documents to white papers to marketing factsheets and videos. We expand the depth and width of content in our toolkits on a daily basis to articulate market opportunity, establish scientific evidence, develop communication and adoption of our ingredients.

What are the key products and offerings of ANAGENIX and how is it impacting the demographic concerned?

Anagenix’s product portfolio include Actazin®, our green kiwifruit powder, and Livaux®, our patented gold kiwifruits powder, which are clinically proven to promote bowel regularity and microbiome balance.

Digestive health is a top 5 concern among supplement users. Both Actazin® and Livaux® provide a natural and effective way to support regular bowel and promote a balanced gut microbiome.

BerriQi®, made from Boysenberry and apple, is a patented ingredient and promotes lung immunity balance, reducing post-infection symptoms such as cough, phlegm and wheezing. As a natural lung health product, it also supports other immunity related conditions such as – asthma and lungs compromised from smoking and pollution exposure.

Feiolix® our metabolic health support ingredient, is patented to improve metabolic health symptoms including blood glucose, HbA1c, cholesterol, triglycerides and weight gain. It is well suited for people suffering from metabolic dysfunction typically found in age 40+ population, including menopausal women.

As Anagenix’s ingredients are made from whole fruits with a long safe history of human consumption, they are well suited for the general population at large, including children, elderly and pregnant women.

How are you using emerging technological solutions to your advantage and ensuring safe processes and products? How is it revolutionizing the industry you are serving?

The Anagenix Team starts with evaluating the health trends that consumers are most concerned about and seeking natural solutions. Once these trends or issues are identified we apply the most up-to-date science technologies to explore natural products to address these trends. We look at whole fruit and partner with research organizations to evaluate the bio-actives in them, using the latest analytical chemistry techniques to see whether there are possible solutions from those products. We then start in vitro, in vivo and finally clinical trials using the latest biomedical research techniques to prove the efficacy of our natural fruit-based solution.

We revolutionize the industry by providing pharma-quality evidence to support our natural food products and show that they really work, with dosages, stability data and mechanisms of action. While Anagenix is a B2B provider of ingredients we focus on the consumer who will be the eventual purchaser of our products.

We are tapping into today’s digital connectedness with user testing platforms, and market research with real-time international purchasing data to refine our awareness of consumer trends, consumer purchasing, and product positioning.

What are the key challenges in the industry? How are you as a leader turning them into opportunities to upscale the growth of your organization?

Finding solutions for the consumer that are backed by approved claims. The regulatory environment around the world is getting more challenging. The consumer wants to know at a glance what the product will do for them; to legally provide these claims we need to develop a portfolio of science that supports the claims and is approved by the various international regulatory bodies.

As an experienced leader, what would be your words of advice to budding entrepreneurs wishing to enter this industry?

Passion, resilience, hard work and never giving up.

It is also very important to keep your customer informed of your product development process to make sure that what you are developing will meet the consumer’s needs. So many entrepreneurs want their product to be perfect before they go to market, this normally ends in not meeting the consumers’ needs. Continual evaluation with the customer through the development process ensures you hit the mark with the final product.

Above all, the most important of these is to have passion around delivering health outcome for the consumer.

What are your future goals for the company? How do you envision upscaling its operations and reach in 2022 and beyond?

ANAGENIX started exporting to the US and has done very well in this market. We are now concentrating on Europe and that is starting to grow, with large brands taking up our ingredients to formulate into their product ranges.

We have an aggressive five-year road map which will ensure ANAGENIX is an important part of the global nutraceutical and functional food supply chain.

Kindly share any clientele, awards, or publications. 

Livaux® – was awarded the Prebiotic of the Year by the world’s leading supplements, health and nutrition publication in its United States, European, Asian award categories.

Other awards include:

  • Livaux® wins NutraIngredients Prebiotic of the Year USA 2022
  • Livaux® wins NutraIngredients Prebiotic of the Year Europe 2022
  • Livaux® wins NutraIngredients Prebiotic of the Year Asia 2022

The Three Brains of ANAGENIX 

Chris Johnson

Chris was the first investor in Anagenix and ended up having to run it as the Managing Director. Since becoming MD, Chris has turned the company around. The business has seen exponential growth under his leadership and won multiple accolades in the industry. Anagenix is held in high regard for its innovation, agility and credibility, all these being values Chris has integrated into Anagenix’s culture.

Elizabeth Tay

Elizabeth leads the Marketing department of Anagenix. The focus on bottom-up as opposed to top-down marketing has transformed our marketing approach from distributor/ customer to consumer-driven. Consumer insights including keyword research, SEO, blogs and social media are integral to our brand-building strategy.

Doug Rosendale

Doug is a heavy-weight in the scientific world. He holds a PhD in Engineering and Technology from Massey University and a Master of Science degree in Biological Sciences from The University of Auckland. Doug has the ability to deep dive into the science of an ingredient and structure it for commercialisation.



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