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Aspenti Health ™ : Offering Diagnostic and Digital Health Solutions for Substance Use and Pain Management

Jill Warrington, CMO, Chris Powell, CEO, Aspenti Health ™ | Insights Care
Jill Warrington, CMO | Chris Powell, CEO | Aspenti Health ™

Aspenti Health was established by a group of seasoned healthcare leaders who made a commitment to acquire a struggling toxicology lab in Burlington Vermont, three years ago.  From the initial days, their vision was to leverage crucial lab data and supplement this vital information in addiction and care recovery with value services including software, health analytics, and leading-edge education. This paradigm shift for a lab, fueled by the opioid  crisis and the broader impact that substance use disorder has on communities, families and personal friends, motivated them to innovate continuously and act differently than any other toxicology lab.

Aspenti Health ™ is the first lab designed to address population health for substance use and pain management patient through diagnostic and digital health solutions.

The Dedicated Duo

Aspenti’s CEO, Chris Powell, is a dynamic personality who has over 30 years of enriched experience in healthcare. He started his career with IBM as field sales professional before moving to IDX Systems Corporation, which was acquired by GE Healthcare in 2006. There, Chris worked as the Vice President and General Manager of GE Healthcare Americas Commercial Healthcare IT business, including the United States, Canada, and Central and South America. Chris left GE in 2011 and went on to become CEO at Precyse, a Health Information management (HIM) company that led the healthcare transition to the ICD-10 coding set. Under Chris’ leadership and growth, Precyse was acquired to form nThrive, a healthcare revenue cycle and service company, before coming to Aspenti Health.

Jill Warrington MD, PhD, is the Chief Medical Officer of the company has more than two decades of experience in the medical field with a focus on laboratory medicine and substance use care. She is passionate about the role that laboratories can play in optimizing clinical decision making and supporting clinical workflows. Her key areas of interest include driving appropriate utilization of testing services, integrating health analytics to inform care, and reducing administrative burden through automatization of unnecessary operational steps.

Distinctive Services and Solutions

Aspenti Health is a unique healthcare company in the substance use disorder (SUD) space. Being specifically designed to promote population health for substance use and pain management patients, Aspenti is a state-of the art laboratory that leverages innovative methods for urine drug screening and confirmation testing with wrap-around technology and services. The company is changing the standard of care for SUD patients through Care Coordination, Population-specific Health Analytics, and Education.

Aspenti’s Care Coordination tool, Aspenti Navigator a random testing engine schedules and notifies patients for random tested based on the frequency assigned. The company’s software solution alleviates the administrative strain of managing random testing. Aspenti Insights, powered by its advanced business analytics software and data analysts provides real time health analytics to help control costs and improve outcomes.

Identifying the ability of population health analytics to support community partners and directly impact patient care, Aspenti has an internal health analytics team and a versatile custom business analytic tool. Using laboratory data, it has deep insights on emerging drug trends, treatment adherence, and the frequency of unexpected findings. Aspenti leverages strategic partnerships to gain insights into social determinants of health and align those with emerging drug trends in a meaningful way to deliver the most impactful data.

Two of its unique analytics offerings are Patient Population Metrics Report, a quarterly report for providers presenting insights into ordering patterns and emerging drug trends. Another offering is Geospatial Mapping, which is designed to give visibility to community partners on county-level drug use demonstrating marked variability in buprenorphine adherence as well as in fentanyl and heroin use.

Aspenti IQ: A Trailblazing e-Learning Facility

Aspenti Health’s innovative eLearning offering, Aspenti IQ, leverages the superlative digital learning functionality with its unique subject matter expertise. It delivers CME/CNE accredited courses in clinical best practice, protocol, compliance, patient communication, and many more mission-critical subject areas. Of all the tools available to drive better care and prevent addiction before it starts, education is the company’s most powerful factor that transcends the entire spectrum of care touching not only patients and providers, but also families and friends. All Aspenti IQ courses are mobile-friendly and CME/CNE accredited. Each represents modern learning theory by utilizing micro-learning, scenarios-based concepts and video.

Aspenti was chosen as a national partner by HealthStream, the largest Healthcare learning management platform in the country, reaching more than 4,000 healthcare organizations and hosting 4.8 million users. Aspenti will be deploying education to the front lines of care, reinforcing the quality and impact of Aspenti’s eLearning solutions with content such as “Responsible Opioid Care and Pain Management Certification”. It is a 16 course micro-certification track featuring the subject matter such as foundations, compliance, opioid misuse, and pain management.

Outstanding Client Experience

Aspenti strives hard to maintain loyalty and satisfy its customers at every level. While talking about the same, the company shares one of its memorable client experiences.

“The strength of the partnership between Aspenti Health and the University of Vermont Health Network (UVMHN) lies in the alignment of our goals to improve people’s lives. Aspenti Health’s approach is broader than just performing drug testing, by asking what it really takes on a population level to reduce the impact of substance use disorder on people’s lives. The UVMHN Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine is working closely with Aspenti Health, sharing the expertise each of brings to solve this national crisis in new ways; using the UVMHN as a place to pilot innovative solutions with new testing methods, education for providers, patients and families, and data analytics to clarify barriers to individuals’ success. This is a novel addition to Vermont’s already successful hub and spoke model of care for substance use disorder. “- Debra Leonard, MD, PHD Chair, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at University of Vermont Medical Center

Abiding Core Values

Integrity is one of four core values of Aspenti along with innovation, inspiration, and inclusion. The company believes that it is the foundation of the quality and compliance programs that shapes the company. The role of integrity in the company’s operations enters into every aspect of the business model right from conducting its specimen collections and process testing for its patients and providers, to ensuring sound financial processes and compliance standards and interacting within organization and clients.

Apart from its core values, Aspenti considers the safety of its colleagues as a critical factor. Along with meeting the standards of key regulatory bodies including the New York State Department of Health, CLIA, and the College of American Pathologists (CAP), the company also invites state and local regulatory organizations to voluntarily inspect its lab. Also, in direct patient interactions, the company has well-trained its colleagues on aggression de-escalation and trauma-informed care to support a safe, non-confrontational environment.

Advanced and Secured Lab Equipment

Aspenti has a state-of-the lab art laboratory designed with a LEAN, linear workflow and reliant upon sophisticated Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) technology. This technology has been cited as a future of laboratory chemistries and requires highly specialized technical expertise to perform. The team of Aspenti has learned from related-disciplines of environmental toxicology, sports medicine, and forensic toxicology to build this focused clinical laboratory.



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