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DNAfit: Personalizing Wellness with Cutting-edge DNA Tests

Avi Lasarow, Founder & CEO, DNAfit | Insights Care
Avi Lasarow | Founder & CEO | DNAfit

An award-winning and renowned market leader that has a big vision for UK healthcare is DNAfit, part of the Prenetics Group. The company is eager to put power in people’s hands to take charge of their health using their bodies as the best source of intelligence. DNAfit is helping people reach their wellness goals faster, as well as playing its role in reducing pressure on the NHS.

In 2018, DNAfit were acquired by Prenetics, giving it a depth into the range of available genetic tests. Prenetics is a leading genetic testing and digital health company headquartered in Hong Kong and London and has offices in 10 countries globally. Prenetics owns laboratories, conduct and publish their scientific research. It has over US $50m in strategic investments from Alibaba and Ping An, making them one of the fastest-growing genetic testing and digital health groups globally.

Later this year, DNAfit has plans to get behind various preventive diseases that can help people make preventative lifestyle changes.

Why DNAfit?

DNAfit has a mission to use genetics to transform the health and wellness outlook for millions of people. The company strives to reduce and prevent lifestyle-related health conditions, making everyone live longer, healthier, and happier lives. It has a vision to not only make people aware of what their bodies need to be healthy, but also to motivate them to be proactive in making positive changes to benefit their health.

DNAfit has published the world’s first genetically guided exercise intervention study, alongside many other studies looking at gene x environment interaction. Its products provide a lab report along with the personal one to one health coaching, online exercise, and meal planning platforms and at-home blood testing.

The Influential Leader

Avi Lasarow, the Founder and CEO of DNAfit has dedicated over a quarter of his life in the relentless pursuit of science and technological innovation. He is driven to pioneer and humanize science that was unreachable, unexplainable and unaffordable for so long, His sheer commitment to making DNA results more accessible has meant that thousands of people across the world can live happier & healthier.

The Inception Story

Having worked in the life sciences industry for several years, Lasarow was much aware of the life-changing potential of health technology, but it was his personal experience that made him realize the important role of personalization in getting people to make healthier choices.

After selling his previous company, Lasarow started to focus on getting fit and healthy. At that point, he began looking at the role that genetics plays in how we respond to different kinds of exercise and nutrition. Lasarow noticed that, although genetics was becoming increasingly popular for ancestry, nobody was concerned with using their genetic profile to inform their health and wellbeing choices. He saw this as an opportunity to help people put their genetic data into action and began applying this personalized approach to his own nutrition and workouts. Achieving great results and seeing the amazing impact genetic insight can have led Lasarow to create DNAfit as a way to help others reach their health goals.

Assuring Safety and Quality with Cutting-edge Technology

DNAfit uses advanced technologies in all of its laboratories and uses small targeted PCR analysis, custom Illumina SNP array analysis and Whole Exome Sequencing for all parts of its services.

The company applies gold-standard Agile project management methodologies across its whole business and client communications following Prince2 & PMP protocols. Also, each client of DNAfit is assigned a ‘partner implementation manager’, who liaises directly with the client. The partner implementation manager looks after their needs and timelines are communicated accordingly. This provides a single, consolidated voice to the client, along with providing the power of the wider team to move quickly and deliver a quality service.

Salient Client Experience

DNAfit has been working immaculately to provide its clients with innovative services and its happy customers bring the same reflection with their valuable feedbacks. One of its clients shares the experience and delivers-

“If you genuinely care about your health and well-being, this is for you!

I signed up for this through my company’s perks and I am so glad! The results of the DNA test was very much on par with my personal medical history and experience. I have found the resources available to you invaluable and I use the fitness portal and also created some meal plans. The consultation with the sports scientist was spot on, comprehensive and yet broken down to
basics to help you understand your report. The whole experience has created a real buzz in the office and boosted overall morale on my pod.
“- Sheila Bynoe Cert CII (Health and Protection), Client Relationship Manager at Chase de Vere Independent Financial Advisers Limited (a Swiss Life company)

Awards and Accolades

In 2015, DNAfit was awarded the ‘Lloyds Bank National Business Award for Innovation’ and was named in ‘The Fast Company’s Top 10 Most Innovative Businesses in the Data Science sectors‘ which had alongside names such as Netflix, Spotify and NASA. DNAfit were also presented with the Board of Trade Award in audience of a UK Prime Minister. Most recently, DNAfit is honoured to have been awarded ‘The Queen’s Award’ in two categories namely the highest official UK Awards for British businesses, and another for the  Innovation and International Trade.



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