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Australia Will Continue to Administer the Fifth COVID-19 Vaccine Dose

COVID-19 Vaccine Dose

According to Health Minister Mark Butler, all Australians aged 18 and older who have not had a coronavirus infection or received a COVID-19 vaccination within the previous six months will receive a fifth dose of the vaccine later this month.

As a result of the decision, about 14 million people, or more than half the nation’s population, will now be eligible for the booster injection and will begin receiving Omicron variant-specific vaccinations on February 20.

Brief Overview

Australia, one of the most thoroughly immunized nations against the coronavirus, has given two doses of the vaccine to 95% of people over 16. Till now, the fifth dose had been advised for those with severe immunosuppression, with the booster shot to be administered three months along with the fourth shot.

Due to this, Australia’s COVID-19 scores have remained relatively low compared to those of other industrialized nations. However, the adoption of booster shots has been poor, with official data showing that only 44% of people have received their fourth dose, and only about 72% have received three doses.

Butler recommended those over 65 get their fifth shot if they are eligible because they continue to be at a high risk of developing severe disease and dying from the coronavirus.

According to Butler, the introduction of the fifth shot will assist in “handling what ineluctably will be the following phase of the next wave of COVID somewhere throughout 2023.”

End Note

The fourth dosage is now available to all individuals between 18 and 29, thanks to the government’s decision and an update from Australia’s immunization advisory committee.

Previously, only those over 30 or immunocompromised were advised to have a fourth dose.

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