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Bird Flu Warning Over ‘Grim’ Forecast for UK as Outbreak Set to Put Public Health at Risk

Bird Flu

In the most extraordinary bird flu outbreak the UK has ever seen, over 270 cases have been recorded nationwide since late October 2021. Experts have issued a stern warning on a potential increase in bird flu cases this year in the UK. Millions of birds have already died from a significant avian flu outbreak in Britain, which is expected to worsen in spring.

Last week, ornithologists cautioned that the virus, which has killed 208 million birds worldwide and at least 200 animal instances, may spread to humans. The H5N1 virus strain, which is responsible for the illness, has already begun to ravage British poultry farms.

In the UK, examples have been found in Shetland, the Inner Hebrides, Fife, Durham, Cheshire, and Cornwall in England and Powys in Wales. New wild bird arrivals, though, might make this situation worse.

Wild birds that will be coming into Britain in a few months are pretty likely to cause new outbreaks of the disease, according to Claire Smith, senior conservation officer for the RSPB. I was relatively optimistic about its anticipated impact this year a few months ago, but since breakouts persisted throughout winter, the forecast for 2023 is now considerably less favorable.

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