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Potential Fentanyl Vax Test Kits Have been proven to be a Significant Breakthrough in The Fight Against Opioid Deaths

Fentanyl Vax Test Kits

Researchers at the University of Houston are working on a new vaccine that could help prevent fentanyl addiction, which is responsible for tens of thousands of synthetic opioid-related deaths.

Dr. Frita Fisher, a certified physician, appeared on “Fox & Friends Weekend” on Sunday to discuss how the medical breakthrough is expected to be a game changer for Americans suffering from the nation’s growing epidemic.

“In the case of fentanyl, the antibodies will block it, keep it from crossing into the brain, and if the fentanyl cannot cross into the brain, that means the person cannot get high. As a result, they’re no longer motivated to do the fentanyl,” explained Dr. Fisher.

“And more importantly, the fentanyl cannot suppress the respiratory center. So that cannot stop some people from breathing and killing them. And it is this that leads to over 110,000 overdose deaths in the United States each year,” she added.

According to the CDC, 73,102 synthetic opioid-related deaths were in the United States between January 2022 and August 2022.

Will Cain agreed with Dr. Fisher that a fentanyl vaccine would effectively prevent addicts from abusing the drug. Still, questions remain about whether it could protect someone who unknowingly takes a drug laced with fentanyl, such as Adderall.

Dr. Fisher recommended that everyone who uses drugs gets vaccinated against fentanyl as a precaution.

“Depending on the outcome of the human study, perhaps anyone working on a drug should take the fentanyl vaccine. “It’s too soon to say,” Dr. Fisher advised.

Drugs can be tested with test strips to see if they contain fentanyl by mistake. (FNC) Dr. Fisher concluded his discussion of additional safety measures by mentioning fentanyl test kits, which can be used to test drugs to see if they contain fentanyl.

“In addition to this vaccine, we have testing kits where you can test an adderall or pill to see if it contains fentanyl. “Fentanyl test strips are something many people don’t know about,” Dr. Fisher said.

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