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BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy: Enriching Lives Through Fast & Easy Access to Specialty Medications

BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy
BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy

Managing a chronic condition can be challenging as patients have to deal with confusion, financial barriers, and unanswered questions. However, BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy can make it faster and easier for you. As a specialty pharmacy, BioPlus specializes in complex and chronic conditions, offering a comprehensive range of medications and therapies. From oncology and hepatitis to rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis, its extensive expertise allows it to provide specialized care to a diverse range of patients.

In addition, you never have to chase down answers to your important questions or resources to learn more about your medication or condition as support and knowledge come straight to you. BioPlus is your 24/7 partner in health, helping you to learn about your treatment, schedule 2 click medication refills and set up your patient account. It provides you with specialty pharmacy support that runs on the power of 2 which looks like this:

  • 2 Hour patient acceptance guarantee
  • 2 Days ready to ship
  • 2 Click prescription refills
  • 2gether better treatment access for all

BioPlus has established itself as a trusted name in the pharmaceutical industry. The company understands that each patient has unique healthcare needs. That’s why it goes above and beyond to deliver tailored solutions that make a difference in people’s lives. BioPlus believes that building strong relationships with patients and healthcare providers is essential for achieving the best results. With its compassionate approach, cutting-edge technology, and unparalleled customer service, it strives to exceed expectations and improve the lives of those it serves.

Whether you’re a patient in need of specialized medication or a healthcare provider seeking a trusted partner, BioPlus is here to deliver exceptional care and exceptional results.

In an interview with Insights Care, Bill Cook, the Executive Vice President of Business Development at BioPlus shares in depth about the company’s commitment towards enabling specialty pharmacy experience for its customers.

Following are the excerpts from the interview:

Brief us about BioPlus and its inception story.

BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy was originally founded in 1989 by Stephen Vogt, Pharm.D. when he aimed to create a better way to serve the needs of patients. At that time, Dr. Vogt was in practice as a clinical pharmacist for metabolic support at a Florida Hospital, caring for patients being nourished only through an IV in a hospital setting. To improve patient quality of life, he created a home infusion pharmacy to provide home treatment for these patients, which no other company was doing at that time.

Over time, Dr. Vogt’s vision for this company was re-imagined as it became a national specialty pharmacy with a new name: BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy. Dr. Vogt’s goal for a specialty pharmacy was to give patients the best possible therapy outcomes by setting up individual pharmaceutical treatment plans for each patient under his care. This commitment to patient care served as the driving mission of the company as it grew to become the #1 independent specialty pharmacy in the country.

Dr. Vogt served as CEO of BioPlus for 32 years before retiring in October 2021 and passing away in April 2022. Mark Montgomery succeeded Dr. Vogt as CEO of BioPlus. In a continuation of Dr. Vogt’s legacy to reach greater numbers of patients with the highest care quality, BioPlus was acquired by Carelon and the Elevance Health family in February 2023 which further extends the number of patient lives that BioPlus now touches.

Please tell us about yourself and your professional journey so far.

I’m currently the Executive Vice President of Business Development at BioPlus, the nation’s premier specialty pharmacy, located in Altamonte Springs. I’ve enjoyed a 30+ year career in healthcare and have worked in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, home infusion, home health and specialty pharmacy.

I have sixteen years of leadership in specialty pharmacy with an emphasis on sales, business development, managed care, pharma relations, marketing and executive management, all with a focus on growing recurring profitable revenue. I’ve been with BioPlus for twelve years now.

What are the core values of the organization? What is its mission and vision statement?

The mission of BioPlus is: Enriching lives through fast & easy access to specialty medications. In meeting that mission, BioPlus is guided by our CART principles. These are Competence, Accountability, Respect and Trust.

Giving back is an integral part of BioPlus. For every referral received from a prescriber’s office, BioPlus provides a life-saving antibiotic through our partnership with OneWorld Health. It’s part of the fabric of BioPlus to care for patients across town and around the world, providing access to life-saving and life-sustaining medications.

What are the key products and services of your organization and how is it impacting the demographic concerned?

We deliver high-cost specialty medications to patients in the comfort of their homes. If the medication is an infused product, we send a nurse to administer the drug. We work with the patient’s insurance company, private foundations, and manufacturers to ensure that the medication is as affordable as possible. We call this healing the wallet, and it is a hallmark of what we do for our patients. Once they realize that they can afford these expensive medications they can begin the healing process.

What are the future goals of the company?

We sold our company in February 2023 to a much larger healthcare company that did not have a specialty pharmacy. We expect to more than quadruple our size over the next several years with their help. We are already building several new pharmacies across the country to scale up for this massive growth.

Provide a few awards or recognition that accurately highlight your company’s position in the market. 

BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy has earned numerous recent awards and accolades from healthcare providers, patients, the media, and other organizations. These include:

  • Forbes Health: BioPlus earned a spot as one of their ‘Best Online Pharmacies’ of 2023.
  • com: BioPlus was selected as one of the ‘5 Best Online Pharmacies’ of 2020. No other specialty pharmacy appears on this listing.
  • MMIT: Office staff ranked BioPlus #1 in satisfaction with customer service representatives in the Q4 2022 MMIT survey.
  • Google Reviews: Patients rank BioPlus 4.8 (out of 5) stars on Google with 850+ reviews, with comments often noting appreciation for BioPlus’ fast and easy patient experience.
  • Patient Satisfaction: BioPlus patients reported a 93% satisfaction rate in a 2022 company survey.
  • Rhythm System: BioPlus was named the 2023 Company of the Year.
  • Orlando Sentinel: BioPlus has earned Top Workplace awards for 4 years running (2020, 2021, 2022, 2023).



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