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Zack Lyon: On a Quest to Revolutionize Pelvic Health

Zack Lyon
Zack Lyon

In the healthcare landscape, innovative solutions often emerge from personal experiences and a relentless commitment to alleviating human suffering. One such inspiring narrative is that of Zack Lyon, a visionary entrepreneur driven by a singular purpose: to address the intricate issue of pelvic pain. Drawing upon a rich background in industrial design, project development, and engineering, Zack Lyon brings a wealth of expertise to his role as CEO of H3Pelvic Therapy Systems.

H3Pelvic Therapy Systems is a medical device company that specializes in developing innovative solutions for pelvic health. At the forefront of this venture, Zack Lyon leads a team dedicated to revolutionizing the management of pelvic pain. His firm determination and deep understanding of the complexities involved have spurred the development of a groundbreaking medical device. This device, born out of profound empathy for those grappling with pelvic pain, promises a natural and effective approach to relief.

H3Pelvic’s products and services are designed to help patients with pelvic floor disorders improve their quality of life through non-invasive, drug-free treatment options.

Insights Care interacted with Zack Lyon to get some intriguing details on his journey into the realm of pelvic pain management, shedding light on his remarkable work with H3Pelvic Therapy Systems.

Here are a few highlights from the interview:

Brief us about yourself and shed some light on your journey so far. What inspires you to serve the healthcare industry?

I was afflicted myself in 2019 with severe pelvic pain of my own which caused me to leverage ALL of my prior Medical, Electric Vehicle and Aerospace Engineering experiences to formulate a better way to help the world of pelvic pain victims.

I am a 35-year veteran of innovating product solutions. Innovations of the Electric vehicle space, some Aerospace and many medical devices. My work history encompasses over 50 relevant patents and very profitable market solutions.

I am inspired over and over when pelvic pain sufferers tell me, “Your device has been a Godsend.” “This device kept me from committing suicide” and other many amazing responses. I am energized to keep going on this challenging path of creating a Medical Device Company. Creating an innovative “New Standard of Care” for many things pelvis related.

Can you elaborate upon the core values, vision and mission based on which your services are aligned with H3Pelvic?

It is our core mission to “Revolutionize Pelvic Pain Management and Healing.” Leveraging simple methods and devices, ultimately driven by Machine Learning and AI to optimize what we already know, over 78 million Americans or more are ready for better non-pharma solutions.

What areas in your opinion, does the health system struggle with, when it comes to caring for/treating patients?

The health care system, as we know, is incredibly expensive and lacks the time to engage and understand each person’s personal challenges with respect to their condition. Our intense focus is to change this, by being part of the solution, lowering cost and better patient engagement.

Please highlight your roles and responsibilities at H3Pelvic?

Presently, I am the “Chief Bottle Washer.” I have had to carry the load many miles, from the concept, the patents, the MVPs, the customer interviews, the accounting, the investor pitches and discussions. Filing grant applications (we are 100% non-dilutively funded).

In what way do you consider H3Pelvic’s technological advances to be a pathway in conducting its operations effectively? What endeavours are you currently pursuing to improve the care/treatment measures for your patients?

H3Pelvic’s patented methods and devices enable a manner of dealing with pelvic pain that has never been possible until now. With Astro-space deep tissue sensing, electric vehicle thermal management and smart, easy to use human factors, and combined with, an easy to use Interface, it is our vision to assist patients total control of their care. Not to discard the physician in the process, our systems ultimately shall be engaged remotely via IoT and driven by AI decisions based on data capture and prior machine learning ensuring the patient doctor relationship is contiguous.

What are some of the challenges you face when conducting projects and how do you turn them into opportunities for growth?

Great question! In exercising our first patented system and getting valuable feedback from our user/advocates for product refinements, we came to understand that we were very effective at externally applied thermal modulation therapy. Yet, there was a cry from our cohort to, “reach deeper, if only it could touch this place on the inside like it does the outside, it would be “AMAZING.” So, we did just that. We extended our technology to drive the same long lasting thermal modulating energy deep into the pelvic cavities and some fantastic results were observed and more patents filed.

Share with us some of the strategies that have helped you in your position as a leader. How do you keep up with specific responsibilities at H3Pelvic?

Endurance and energy from our prior engagements. That keeps me going day to day. The assurances granted to H3Pelvic through our Non-dilutive SBIR/STTR Federal and State Funding wins, aligned with an Ivy League Medical University, gives us assurances to press on. Our strategy is to keep cashflow burn as low as possible for many obvious reasons. It is my core job to engage medical sector stake holders, this is working out amazingly well, even though it has taken much patience and time. Because the team today and future team members are so crucial, keeping tabs on potential future team members and their quality of Work/Wisdom/Wealth potential are key to our success. When Phase 2 Funding lands, we will likely bring these folks on board.

What advice would you like to give to budding entrepreneurs and enthusiasts who desire to venture into the healthcare sector?

Wow, ok. This is all new to me. I have been in “sponge mode” for four years. One must always be open to learn new and sometimes challenging tasks, it is wise to remain humble and teachable. Be ready to delegate to those that have the right battle scars for the task. They have fought many fights; I can lose if I do not know what I am doing. Recognizing this in myself as the entrepreneur is sometimes hard to do. By nature, we want to do it all. Realistically, this is a good way to fail if you cannot be open to sharing in the pie.

I have had a fortune paper from a local Chinese restaurant that I got four years ago, while working on EV Charging Technology as my day job – my deeply aggravating painful condition was the inspiration to forge ahead. It now sits proudly on my desk and it says, “Your persistence will pay off.” It is starting to happen.

How do you envision scaling your services and operations in 2023 and beyond?

Scaling? Music to my ears. Sadly, we have to gather data for FDA and that will not be ready until 2024 mid-year. We could, be making product late in 2024 with the right investments from the right parties. We remain firm in “Selling no wine, before it’s time” in essence. We have to be rock solid about our offerings. Our total accessible market size is around $135 Billion. Did I tell you we were filing for patents in the 38 countries of the EU? Yes, we are looking to scale in a huge way.

What are some of the testimonials or recognition that accurately highlight your position in the market?

No patients or physicians have ever seen or experienced what we are bringing to the markets of pelvic pain management. I am meeting personally with a local Ivy league University Health care department for pelvic pain, sharing our devices and methods. They know exactly why this product came to be and cannot wait to begin setting up a Clinical Trial to study Vulvodynia and getting moving on local testing and more patient feedback. Vulvodynia is a maddening condition that, when not addressed properly, can affect women’s mental health. This is a big deal.



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