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Bravo Imaging Inc.: Redefining Innovations through Imaging Solutions

Bravo Imaging | John Bravo
Bravo Imaging Inc | John Bravo

Bravo Imaging Inc. is a multi-vendor multi-modality independent sales and service organization specializing in MRI, CT, X-Ray/R+F, Portable X-Ray, Mobile C-Arms, (DEXA) Bone Densitometers, Ultrasound, Digital 3D-Mammography + Stereotactic, PACS, CR, DR, and PET/CT.

In the realm of imaging solutions, Bravo Imaging Inc. is an imaging equipment service, dedicated to providing technology that makes a difference in the healthcare industry. The company sells, buys, repairs and replaces MRI and X-ray equipment in several capacities, to ensure that clinics are outfitted in the best way possible.

Spearheading the long-term vision of Bravo Imaging is its CEO, John Bravo. Leading an entire team of technical support specialists, service engineers and project specialists, every facility’s imaging service needs are taken care of. Whether the clients need to buy MRI/CT machines, replace X-ray machines, or get repairs on current imaging equipment, the company has succeeded in earning their trust.

We at Insights Care had a parley with John while seeking out the 10 Most Advanced Medical Imaging Solution Providers 2022 and spotted valuable facts highlighting the significance of Bravo Imaging, his contributions to guiding the company, and scaling its progress to greater heights.

The Inception Story

Bravo Imaging Inc. was founded and is directed by Engineers with service backgrounds who saw the community’s need for quality service at affordable prices. The company has expanded its service capabilities to provide select services and equipment nationally and internationally throughout Florida.

Exemplary Leadership

John has a master’s degree in biomedical engineering. He started working as a trainee at a Medical Imaging Sales and Service Company. Eventually, John worked out his way into the field and became a very proficient MRI/CT Field Service engineer and then MRI Manager. He decided to start his own company with another service engineer.

Together, they founded Engineering and Network Systems (ENS) in 2005, which lasted ten years, and then they decided to part ways. Later, John founded Bravo Imaging Inc. in 2015 and has successfully positioned Bravo Imaging Inc. as a significant competitor among companies providing multi-vendor and multi-modality imaging equipment and service to the medical community.

Values that Count

By assembling a team of proven professionals, the result is a company that has grown substantially by word of mouth, based on positive customer references. John asserts, “We are most proud of our repeat business. Our best salespeople are our customers. We obtain the majority of our new business from references from our customers. Every decision made by the staff at Bravo Imaging Inc. is driven by the quest for long-term relationships to be developed, nurtured, and expanded.”

Standout Services

The company services Florida’s hospitals, outpatient centers, clinics, doctors’ offices, and veterinary facilities. Elaborating on the services, John shares, “We are able to sell and service many different manufacturer’s equipment and multiple modalities. We also have an installation and de-installation team, so we are able to provide turnkey projects for our customers.”

The attribute that sets Bravo Imaging Inc. apart from other companies is its management and technical staff’s long presence in Georgia and South Florida area. Many companies are transient in South Florida, but its management and technical staff’s stability and reputation set the company apart from its competitors.

A Client-Centered Approach

Bravo Imaging Inc. supplies cost-effective quality service tailored to its client’s needs 24/7, including Time and Material, Preventative Maintenance contracts, Labor only contracts, Parts, and Labor contracts, or total Asset Management.

Healthcare providers that pay close attention to scientific research initiatives that generate evidence-based improvements in the quality of care of their patients while improving efficiency and cost-effectiveness will be the providers that thrive.

A Keynote to Remember

John, while giving his valuable advice to the budding entrepreneurs who wish to venture into the healthcare space, shares, “Every health care provider has the increasing pressure to balance quality of care with the sustainability of providing such care at costs that are affordable to the populous. Entrepreneurs that can help healthcare providers with this balance will be a valuable commodity in the years to come.”

Future Roadmap

Economists are projecting a continued downturn in the economy with inflation on the increase. To this, John further states, “We will continue to operate as we always have by concentrating on helping our clients provide excellent patient care while remaining profitable by providing them quality, cost-effective service, and products.”

Endorsements that Matter

Definitely the best service, proactive and dedicated Team. Always looking forward to the benefit of their clients. Thank you, BRAVO Imaging Inc, for your wonderful customer service.


Bravo Imaging was a huge blessing to my husband’s new orthopedic practice. Frank made several trips to meet with us, draw out our space, answer all of our questions, and provide the guidance that we needed. Customer Service was amazing, too, always responsive to my calls and questions.

You won’t find another equipment company in Florida as professional or honest. Bravo was also priced THOUSANDS less than their competition. My husband and I highly recommend them!!

–   Audrey Brooks, Ameglio Orthopedics

This company was a breath of fresh air. They completed the work in a timely clean, and caring fashion. They could have up charged, but rather they acted with integrity and in my best interest.

–   Zachary, Schenker City College

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