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Marigold Hospital: Ensuring Affordable Patient-Care Through Radiology

Marigold Hospital | Sandra Chisom Ohuabunwa
Marigold Hospital | Sandra Chisom Ohuabunwa

Amongst the major concern around the talks of patients, a major stake is in affordable care treatment.

This can be observed through a recent research study. According to a study, by the year 2026, experts estimate that out-of-pocket healthcare spending will increase by 9.9% per patient’s financial information. However, when patients in a 2018 survey were asked, “What do you value most when getting services from a healthcare provider?” they responded, “affordable out-of-pocket costs” and “my provider cares about me.”

But, it is worth noting that affordable care doesn’t just comprise a consultation and drug treatment. One major segment in this context is diagnosis through Radiological services. In a well-functioning healthcare system, radiology has become a core contributor that guarantees clinical information, health gains, and reduced costs in treatment.

Achieving such objectives of serving affordable care and supporting the human cause is Marigold Hospital—a Nigerian-based care center promoting the utilization of effective treatments and improved patient outcomes through its radiology services.

Sandra Chisom Ohuabunwa, a Radiographer (Intern) at Marigold Hospital, witnesses the hospital’s holistic approach to patient care. Through the hospital’s modern laboratory, incorporated with diverse modality brands and software, patients are ensured to seek an accurate justification of the treatment that they receive.

Let’s walk through the insides of radiology procedure that is enabling marigold Hospital to achieve effective care.

What was your inspiration behind venturing into Radiography?

At a young age, I realized that one’s life could only be made worthwhile through service to humanity.

The question of how I would be remembered by humanity became important. Thus, I believed I could serve humanity using my unique natural qualities and empathy alongside my knowledge and dexterity.

Venturing into the health sector, I picked radiography, particularly because not many people venture into this field. Currently, there are over 217 million Nigerians and less than or about 2500 radiographers. I became passionate about seeing the good we can do with technology.

Please tell us about your journey, highlighting your contribution to Marigold Hospital’s success.

My journey has not been easy, knowing that I had to work twice as hard. But looking back, there is not a single thing that I would change.

Marigold Hospital has become a center that provides quality care and training to mission-minded health professionals.

Being Marigold’s pioneer radiographer intern, an enormous responsibility falls on my shoulders to set the pace for the succeeding Radiography interns. There is also the prospect of introducing first-class and innovative ideas, new perspectives, and a unique dexterity to Marigold Hospital.

As a student radiographer, please shed light on your experience at Nnamdi Azikiwe University and Foremost Radiology Consultants Limited. At present, how does that serve your interests and the role that you play at Marigold Hospital?

At Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital (NAUTH), I was exposed to a range of modalities such as Computed Tomography, Fluoroscopy. Although NAUTH was not my first clinical experience with such modalities, it was an eye-opener.

There are quite a number of rare radiology procedures, and sometimes we only have theoretical knowledge. But at NAUTH, I witnessed and gained first-hand experience.

In addition, my journey at Foremost Radiology Consultants Ltd began in May 2020. Training with different senior radiographers coming from diverse knowledge backgrounds was exciting. There, my experience ranged from Magnetic Resonance Imaging to X-rays. My journey at FRCL ended in June 2021, and I became a better radiographer while also creating a professional network.

Looking back, my experiences at FRCL and NAUTH have equipped me for my role at Marigold. I was trained in Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Computed Tomography, Ultrasound, Fluoroscopy, Mammography, Special Investigations, and X-ray at both places. Although my experience is not limited to the mentioned modalities, these experiences have proven to be relevant at Marigold as the Radiology department is similar in most establishments.

Can you elaborate upon the core values on which Marigold Hospital is built and the company’s mission?

The core values of Marigold are to provide patient-centered care and quality and innovative healthcare delivery. In addition, their mission is simply to provide the most appropriate care in a setting that supports and responds to each patient’s unique needs.

Please elaborate on the technological innovation that Industrial Radiography should incorporate.

When it comes to the field of Industrial Radiography, the area of focus should be on creating awareness and making training accessible.

Several studies carried out within Industrial Radiography have demonstrated a poor level of awareness. What I propose could be a solution to this challenge is digitalizing the training for Industrial Radiography. This solves the problem of awareness amongst radiography students and would gradually extinguish the notion that Industrial Radiography is an entirely different field.

While serving for Diagnostic Professional Imaging Center, what challenges did you face? How did you turn them into opportunities for growth?

Diagnostic Professionals Imaging Center was a wonderful center, but no establishment is without its shortcomings. My only challenge while working there was prolonged downtime of the Computed radiography system. This brought about a temporary revert to Manual (dark room) processing. The exposed radiographic film is processed by hand through a series of timed steps in manual processing.

For these reasons, many radiographers do not like the manual processing method. On the other hand, I decided to use this as an opportunity to experience working with the manual processing system.

An encounter with both extremes of the profession (manual and digital) made me appreciate the technological advancements in radiography and how far we’ve come.

Please shed light on the state of Radiography in the African market and what can be done better.

I am proud of Radiography in the African market and our achievements. However, specialization in radiography is important. With specialization, there is room for advancement and further training. This would increase the quality of radiographers in the African market, enable them to follow the career path they believe is best suited to their capabilities and goals, create career opportunities, encourage research in areas needing development, and allow growth in the profession.

How do you envision further strengthening Marigold Hospital’s stronghold in 2022 and beyond?

I envision strengthening Marigold Hospital’s stronghold by increasing the value of my input in delivering quality health service and employing extreme creativity when working.

I see growth as a necessity. Thus, I would continue passionately in professional development by acquiring new skills and global knowledge through attending conferences, updating courses, and webinars, and learning globally. These skills and knowledge gained will be applied when working to ensure Marigold remains one of the top hospitals.

Identifying challenges and working together with the radiology team and administration to tackle them to ensure the values and mission of Marigold Hospital are sustained.

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