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Buying a Small Bong: 5 Things Should Consider

Small Bong

Smoking devices and accessories come in all shapes and sizes. The global smoking accessories market was valued at $3.1 billion in 2020. It shows the growing demand for this equipment.

Are you in the market for a small bong? If yes, consider a few things before making your purchase.

1) Size

Bongs are used for smoking tobacco, and the size of the bong will determine how much smoke you can take in at one time. If you want to be able to take big hits, then you’ll need a larger bong. Smaller ones are better for taking smaller hits.

The size also determines how easy it is to clean. Smaller bongs are easier to clean than larger bongs because there’s less surface area for the smoke and residue to build upon.

Size is an essential feature to consider when buying a small bong. You’ll need to decide how big your hits are and how easy you want the bong to clean.

2) Shape

Some of the common bong shapes are beakers, straight tubes, and bubblers. Beakers have a wide bottom which offers more stability, while straight tubes are simple and easy to use.

Bubblers are a hybrid of the two and offer portability without sacrificing functionality like straight tubes.

Whatever shape you choose, make sure the bong is properly percolated. It means that it has a series of small holes or slits that diffuse and filter the smoke before reaching your lungs.

Percolation will help to cool down the smoke and make each hit smoother and more enjoyable.

3) Color

There are some factors to consider when it comes to color. If you want your bong to stand out, you might choose a brighter color. If you want your bong to be more subtle, you might choose a darker color. Some people even like to match their bongs with their favorite sports team’s colors.

Another factor to check is the type of color you want. There are solid colors, swirl colors, and even clear bongs. Each type of color has its unique look.

4) Design

The design of your small bong is essential for two reasons. First, you want a bong that looks good. After all, it will be sitting out in your living room or bedroom. Second, the design of the bong can affect how well it smokes. Some designs are better than others at diffusing the smoke and making it smoother to inhale.

When you’re looking at bongs, pay attention to the shape of the chamber and the downstem.

5) Material

Lastly, it is crucial to check what your bong is made out of. The three most common materials are acrylic, glass, and silicone. Acrylic bongs are the cheapest option but are prone to easy breakage and scratches.

Glass bongs provide a great smoking experience but are more expensive and fragile. Silicone bongs are durable, flexible, and affordable.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re new to bongs or a seasoned pro, there are a few things you should always keep in mind when purchasing one. Size, style, and price are all crucial factors to consider.

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