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Canton & Company: Empowering Smart Growth in the Healthcare Industry

Don McDaniel | Canton & Company
Don McDaniel | Canton & Company

In recent years, the healthcare industry has become more competitive. Service providers are prioritizing patient engagement and retention, and health IT innovators are concentrating on messages that resonate with the market. It’s the role of the marketer to build sustainable growth for their clients.

Through integrated marketing, Canton & Company solves healthcare’s toughest challenges with unique approaches and practical strategies that drive new growth trajectories. By doing so, the company collectively refines the new health economy.

Canton & Company is recognized with regard to performance, growth and integrated marketing exclusive to the healthcare market. It is an accelerator and a force multiplier, improving how the $4 trillion market functions and how the industry delivers on its promise of health and care.

Standing as the visionary, CEO, Don McDaniel, focuses on measurable results for providers, payers, digital health and health IT firms, supportive services firms, and private investors who are serious about taking their businesses to the next level.

Experienced Leadership

As the CEO of Canton & Company and its joint venture, Monarch Health Solutions, Don is passionate about retooling the healthcare market, so it functions rationally and elevates the role of the consumer. Don is a former hospital, health-services, technology and insurance industry executive.

He has also launched several healthcare businesses and served as an operating partner for a venture capital firm. Consistent across his diverse background is helping healthcare companies of all sizes and stages succeed with strategic growth.

 ‘Doing’ Rather than Just ‘Thinking’

Don asserts, “Healthcare is all we do, and growth starts with deep insight from market insiders like us.” He further states that Canton’s multidisciplinary team of industry experts has 100+ years of combined expertise, and everyone on the team can say, “we have seen it, we have lived it, and we have fixed it.”

Frontline industry experience is important in today’s marketing climate because there’s so much information overload. He believes the only way to rise above the noise is to know what your targeted buyers want and need, then to meet them where they are at. That resonance has incredible value in the market.

Don asserts, “We are more than thinkers — we are doers.” The company never leaves a strategy at the curb for its clients to unpack. As partners, it works as an extension of the client’s own team and solves specific challenges.

For example, the company leverages its proprietary data and a dedicated circle of industry thought leaders to help clients define their growth opportunities. With bespoke market analysis and data science, it can uncover areas of potential expansion, whether it’s a new business line, a new product, or a new feature of an existing product.

With the company’s healthcare-specific marketing experience, Canton helps its clients differentiate while engaging new customers and prospects.

And how does the company deliver on that? Don replies, “With product development—informed by market data, our industry experience, and our expertise—a proven brand strategy, and bold creative assets.”

And yes, the company does challenge its clients at times because it brings to bear the sightlines they usually don’t have. Don notes, “If you want to accelerate your growth trajectory, you must think ahead to where the market is going. We have that perspective, and we apply it to solve our clients’ go-to-market complexities.”

Comprehensive Growth Services

Canton & Company’s advisory services are built to help established healthcare businesses elevate to their next level of growth, and its go-to-market slate is especially popular as part of a larger business transformation engagement or as a standalone engagement.

The company offers B2B as well as a B2B2C marketing strategy and hands-on execution for all types of healthcare businesses, including health IT companies, providers, community health centers, payers, and investors who are managing portfolios of healthcare assets.

Below is Canton’s comprehensive suite of growth services.

Strategy: Leveraging custom, proprietary market research, the company offers detailed insights from competitive analysis and market sizing to product development and more. The combination of data and synthesized recommendations produce a practical strategic plan.

For example, Canton recently helped a revenue cycle management organization uncover its ideal customer market in precise detail, which led to a double-digit increase in results almost right away.

Marketing Communications: The company helps healthcare businesses attract potential buyers and nurture those relationships with an eye toward business growth. The services include all aspects of traditional and digital content creation, creative visuals and brand identity, sales enablement, media relations, and in-person or virtual events. Canton has seen excellent results from the videos produced for its clients, for example.

Digital Marketing: Sales pipelines begin in digital channels more often than not, so the company offers website development and design services, search engine optimization, social media, and email outreach. Every activity aligns with the comprehensive strategy to ensure multiple touchpoints that invite new customers to move down the marketing funnel.

Demand Generation: Identifying prospects and new customers is both art and science. Canton creates the criteria and the campaigns while tracking behaviors to ensure sustainable success that lasts through future business and market evolutions. Sometimes, the only barrier preventing growth is simply finding the right customers, and Canton has an established process that provides the connections its clients need.

Branding: Don asserts, “Your brand is your promise to the market, and our branding services bring your promise to life with brand identity, business line and product naming, as well as positioning and messaging.” Canton & Company ensures the brand is infused through every market and customer-facing experience, communicating value with memorable messages and recognizable images.

Sustainable Solutions for the Long Run

When talking about sustainable solutions, Don said, “We know healthcare’s future will depend on innovative new lines of business that focus on value and a better consumer experience. And there’s plenty of room for improvement.”

He further states that the challenge for most clients is that there’s exceptionally tight competition from the longstanding incumbents as well as from the more recent non-traditional market entrants. The company knew healthcare was really in trouble when retailers started building workarounds that are far more convenient and satisfying for the consumer than what the current system offers. He insists healthcare needs to catch up!

With a go-to-market strategy that is validated by its deep market insight, clients can take advantage of the changing landscape. Canton & Company helps them differentiate their businesses in ways that align with the new health economy. Then the company ensures they can keep growing with a strong brand presence and continuous engagement with prospects and customers.

Don asserts, “It can be difficult to let go of a process or a brand message that has a legacy, but these days, the approaches of the past simply aren’t going to get you to where you need to be in the future—strategically, operationally, and financially.”

Worthy Advice

As a piece of advice for the aspirants willing to venture into the healthcare niche, Don stated, “Healthcare does not operate like a typical market, and competition is fierce. Anyone trying to enter as a service provider needs to understand that the tactics are incredibly nuanced. Deep experience in the market is your most valuable asset.”

Marketing Agencies in the Healthcare Niche

Don shared some valuable insight about marketing in the healthcare niche. He stated, “Unfortunately, most agencies do not understand the realities of healthcare today or the economic levers that are driving foundational changes for the industry’s future.”

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