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Cargus International: A Cost-Effective Service Solution for Dentistry

Cargus International
Bryan Markiet | CEO, Cargus International

Leveraging modern technology, the medical and dental sectors are providing the best quality treatments to patients worldwide. However, this modern technology carries a tag of hefty price alongside its help and support. Moreover, maintenance and taking care of these precious equipment also tends to rise higher with time.

Hence, to provide supplies at an affordable cost, Cargus International stepped into the dentistry industry. Based in New York, the company has expanded itself to various parts of the world including Italy, England, the Netherlands and Australia. It offers dentists and dental dealers significant discounts to the expensive name brand products present in the market.

More about Cargus International

Cargus International was started in 1978 by Carol and Gus Markiet out of their garage in Pomona, New York. They began by exporting dental supplies to various countries. Between the years 1994 and 1997 Michelle, Gavin and Bryan Markiet took over the business from their parents. The company was established as an additional revenue stream for their family, something their parents did “on the side” while our father worked in the textile industry in Brooklyn, NY. Over the last 40+ years, the company has adapted to all of the changes in the Dental industry and are now embarking on the new multi-billion dollar CBD industry.

Currently, Bryan Markiet is the CEO of Cargus International has been running Cargus International since 1994. He has a 2nd-degree black belt in Shorin Ryu Karate. He is driven by forward-thinking and says, “I will lead my fellow warriors to battle and no challenge will be too great for us to conquer”

Why Cargus International?

Being one of the top dental service providers, Cargus International, hand-in-hand with its sister companies (Noble Dental Supplies and offers dentists and dental dealers a significant discount. Dentists and dealers are able to offer premium dental products and solutions to their patients which in return provides them a much higher profit without compromising quality or service. Its products are extensively researched and developed to ensure consistent results with every use.

Cargus International follows its values promptly, it states:

Vision: Build our MARK3 Brand into one of the premier brands in the dental and CBD industries.

Mission: Develop the MARK3 brand into a premier CBD brand in the USA

Values: Honesty, Trust and Reliability.

 Crossing the Milestones

The position of Cargus International in the world of dentistry was possible only due to its faithful dedication and commitment. Due to the readily adaptable nature, the company has been able to achieve success over the past 30 years.

Bryan says, “The Dental market is controlled by 3 large Dealers and 3-4 large manufacturers, that control 85% of the market. Through hard work, honesty and strategic decision making we have not only survived but also thrived in a very competitive environment.”

Today Cargus International is a multi-million dollar company operating out of a 15,000 square foot building in Congers NY with multiple sister companies and over 10+ employees. The three biggest dental distributors control 85% of the dental market. In order to overcome the challenges of competing against these giants, the firm had to develop its own brand of products and did so under the MARK3 Brand. “Not only did we have no experience in building a brand but we had to do it while we were denied access to brand name dental products so our sales were decreasing while we were spending money developing our brand. We survived and are now thriving due to our perseverance, determination and hard work,” says Bryan.

Road Map to Success

Along with the continuous development of its MARK3 Dental line, it has also entered into the cannabidiol (CBD) industry. According to Forbes magazine, the CBD industry is projected to grow to $20 Billion Dollars in the next 4-5 years. Cargus International has launched a medical-grade CBD line under its MARK3 brand and it has taken off.

Bryan adds, “Our MARK3CBD products are helping our loyal dentists with neck, back, hand pain, arthritis, anxiety, sleep issues and more. This new line of products has also given us access to the entire consumer market in the United States. In other words, we can now market and sell to 300 Million people instead of only 126,000 active dentists in the USA. Our plan is to become one of the premium CBD brands in the USA, and capture a large portion of the market.”

Client’s Response

 “I run at a dental supply company and have supplied the MARK3 CBD oil to many of my offices and their assistants and they love it!! It brings down their wrist pain and calms their nerves during exams and procedures!!” – Customer



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