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Teeth Care Centre: Prioritising Patient Care, Redefining Dental Expertise

Teeth Care Centre
Prof. Dr. Nirav Patel, the Managing Director | Teeth Care Centre Dental Hospital (TCC),

A bright smile is said to instil confidence in you, and on the contrary, poor oral health and hygiene will not only demotivate you but will also deteriorate your overall health. Emphasizing on this importance, this Interview with Insights Care, we bring forth the journey of a team of skilled dentists and their company, Teeth Care Centre (TCC), which advocates the significance of oral hygiene and promotes its importance.

Established with a motive of eliminating dental problems with its exceptional treatment, TCC has managed to create a position among a few of the best dental service providers. Prof. Dr. Nirav Patel, the Managing Director of TCC enlightens us on everything about his company, dental hygiene, and the future ahead. 

What was the inspiration behind starting TEETH care centre? How was the journey been through all these years?

Starting Teeth Care Centre was my dream with an aim to serve the society. Taking care of health and making dental health a main priority amidst the public was my sole intention. The journey until now has been good and the dental awareness is increasing, I can see that.

Please tell us about the products and services that you offer. How are they benefiting your clients?

All latest dental treatments are available under one roof at our centre with the latest technology. We are providing treatments with ultra-modern instruments, so that patients can get the same high quality treatments available in developed countries.

Among a large number of contemporaries, how do you plan on staying at the top of this ladder? What differentiates TEETH Care Centre from the rest?

Staying on top is not easy, but yes, Teeth Care Centre’s policy and the team approach of specialized doctors ensure the best outcome by not only using avant-garde machines but also using materials from top brands of the world. This is what makes us different from others.

Enlighten us on your views about client satisfaction. Also, tell us about some of your prestigious clients and what they say about TEETH Care Centre.

We believe in, “Customer is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him” – Mahatma Gandhi. Customer satisfaction is our prime priority. We have more than 10,000 five star customer reviews online and offline on various portals. The biggest satisfaction for us is priceless gifts given by our customers with a healthy and happy smile.

The journey to becoming a successful dentist is not an easy one. What made you set on this road and what kept you going?

A happy, satisfied and smiling patient renders a successful dentist. So, a patient’s support and trust makes me go on the road of improving.

As the Managing Director at TEETH Care Centre, what are your roles and responsibilities?

I feel that a blend of customer satisfaction, implicating the latest treatments and use of newer technology is a must to come up on top. So, as the Managing Director, I always concentrate on: customer satisfaction; keeping tabs on the latest happenings to gain knowledge about the latest treatments and selection of the best team of doctors; and attending world’s renowned trade shows for the implication of the latest technology.

What have been the major challenges and opportunities for TEETH Care Centre? What has been your strategy to overcome all the hurdles in your way?

There’s a list of challenges I faced in the past. The only strategy is being honest and giving one’s best for that perfect end result.

What according to you is the scenario of dental industry, worldwide? What are the shortcomings that need to be addressed?

The scenario of the dental industry is quite good worldwide, but in India due to excess of colleges, I feel the initial phase for dentists is a bit struggling and challenging. We cannot tell this as a shortcoming, but in the long run if dentists serve good to public then they can easily make their path.

Every day we hear of new technological and therapeutic developments. How are these helping us move towards an advanced and better future? How does TEETH Care Centre stay at abreast with these?

Yes, improved technologies have changed the phase of every field. We use the latest technologies that surely take us to one level above from others. Teeth Care Centre stays abreast by using world’s best R&D tested brands. For example, our technology; like using lasers makes surgeries almost bloodless and painless. The conscious sedation helps us make the patient comfortable and calm during surgeries and the intraoral scanners enable us to have a precise 3D impression with zero possibility of human error.

What are your future plans for the company? Where do you see it in the years to come?

I would like to expand the company globally. As our current standards match that of the international ones and our services being at par with high-end-dentistry, setting up our service centres globally is not much of a hassle for us. So, I am planning to open a clinic with the same setup in other countries.

Being a successful leader yourself, what would you advice the budding leaders of the dental industry?

Technologies which are improving on a daily basis have decreased human errors and improved the end-results, so keep yourself updated with everything coming up in the market.



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