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Clearsense: Driving Innovations to Bring an End to the Era of Disconnected Data

Charles Boicey | Co-founder and CIO | Clearsense | Disconnected Data | Insights Care

Is there anything in common between finance and healthcare? Not much, but both of them are being positively disrupted by the technology. Disruptive innovation is leading the new era of advancement, and it is much needed. One of the major factors contributing to this innovation in healthcare is the use of data science. With the rise in the number of clinical documents produced every day and the sensitive nature of medical data, it is necessary to find a way to collect, organize, and process the huge amount of data for a more informed, better healthcare. One of the companies leading this revolution is Clearsense.

Based in Jacksonville, Florida, Clearsense is a technology-based company that provides a platform to solve the fundamental problem of data in healthcare. The company is an offshoot of Optimum Healthcare IT that has been around since 2012. Started as an analytics company, Clearsense, today, has become a technology driven organization that is re-imagining and simplifying data analytics to help healthcare organizations realize measurable value from their data.

The Novel Leader

Charles Boicey is the Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer at Clearsense who has expertise and experience in a variety of areas. In the medical field, he specializes in Trauma Critical Care Nursing. Charles ran the trauma unit at LA County USC medical center for about 15 years and then made a transition into Biomedical Information Systems as well as Biomedical Engineering. After that, he earned the degrees in Computer Science and Technology Management from Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken New Jersey and then brought that training back into healthcare. During his time at the University of California Irvine, he was the user of various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. He was very fascinated with their technologies and was set to implement the same kind of ease in data management for healthcare. Working on this, he has innovated his way to the top and led Clearsense to its success today.

Tracing Back the Roadmap to Success

Clearsense started small; they had just a couple of clients who were Charles’ partners at the University of California Irvine and Meharry Medical College. For Meharry Medical College, the company built a data science institute, and for the University of California Irvine, it developed a system for real-time monitoring of patients in high acuity area. With this, Clearsense brought all the patients’ data together, which includes data from a clinical environment, laboratory systems, etc. in real time. This helped make the clinicians aware of the patients whose health would be slightly deteriorating so that there can be intervention before reaching any adverse conditions.

Additionally, the company has also brought in the legacy data systems and made it available for folks in health information systems. Another thing the company did create and provide a platform for its clients involved in mergers and acquisitions. It takes the data from the segment being acquired and brings it into Clearsense and sends it to the system doing the acquiring after adequate transformation of that data. Clearsense does this in a very short period of time, comparatively.

So, started with a few initial clients and have reached miles already, it plans to expand further.

What sets it Apart?

The technologies used by Clearsense have just started to creep in the healthcare market. Although the company has a couple of competitors that have started to bring these technologies in, Clearsense started long back and had already adapted to these technologies. Alongside, it has a holistic team, which includes clinical professionals, data scientists, developers, etc. This has proved to be a great benefit for the company. Another one of its key differentiators is that the company has not just learned the technologies, but has helped develop them. This brings a huge advantage to the business as well as its clients. Clearsense provides a full-blown data ecosystem and has made use of big data. This has helped it automate the large part of work processes for its clients. Also, the company allows the integration and synchronization of data in the database within days and not weeks, saving a lot of time and at affordable costa. It also has different governance around the data and provides adequate security.

Life at Clearsense

The company fosters a free work environment. At Clearsense, every individual is accountable and has the freedom to be innovative and creative. The company encourages its employees to ask questions and seek help. “It is very important in a tech company and it kind of goes back to you know, my clinical time when somebody new enters the clinical environment, the most important thing they could say is ‘I don’t know, I can’t figure this out,’ and  we come in and help them, says Charles. The company also has a provision for the employees to work remotely. There is also a culture of celebration in the organization.

What’s Ahead?

“We are very much in a growth trajectory. We are signing up more and more healthcare clients as we go,” says the CIO. This will allow its clients to collaborate with each other.  The company has already started to get involved with Academia and wants to expand in it further. It is also getting inquiries from outside of healthcare. So, it will be potentially moving outside of healthcare as well, keeping healthcare at its nexus.



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