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Conversa Health – Enhancing Communication, Building Relationships, and Revamping the Care Experience

Conversa Health | Insights Care

Meaningful doctor-patient communication is central to effective patient care management. Not only does this enhance the patient experience, it also helps encourage the patient to be a more collaborative partner in their care. Today’s patients expect transparent and timely flow of information, for themselves as well as their loved ones. Developing a personal and compassionate relationship with patients has been a crucial role to play in the success of healthcare providers. Conversa Health, an emerging digital healthcare company, helps make the process of building long-lasting relationships with the patients easy through its innovative technology – The Conversa Conversation Platform™.

Conversa is transforming healthcare from episodic experiences to a continuous and personalized relationship. By personalizing and automating care communication, it envisions to make conversation a cornerstone of the healthcare experience.

Proven Experience and Passion

West Shell III, CEO and Co-founder of Conversa, has been a catalyst to the company’s fast-paced growth. A 5-time start-up CEO and the son of a real-estate entrepreneur, Shell is a creative and enthusiastic leader. He has a background in business strategy and an impressive track record of building high growth, innovative companies with world-class employees and committed customers. His extensive experience marks him unique in the crowd of digital health innovators, and has helped him accelerate the company’s growth. With his business acumen and expertise, Shell raised sufficient funds from the right sources, partnered with the right people, and is leading Conversa’s path of success.

Conversa is the brainchild of Shell and his partner Dr. Philip Marshall, the Co-founder and Chief Product Officer of the company. Although these two are the creators of the company, Conversa owes its success to a few prominent team members:  Chris Edwards, the Chief Client Experience & Marketing Officer, Murray Brozinsky, the Chief Strategy Officer, Becky James, Vice President of Operations, and Todd Grant, Vice President of Finance and HR. This is a unique group of dedicated healthcare professionals and technologists who are passionate about transforming the healthcare experience through automated, personalized patient conversations.

Where It All Started?

Conversa is influenced by Shell’s personal life experience. He grew up with three sisters, all of whom suffered from several chronic health conditions that needed continuous monitoring. “My three sisters are the ones who drove me to create Conversa. In each case, the health system failed them. They did not receive the educational materials and personalized information to help them manage their conditions,” Shell said. “Once they left the clinical encounter, they stopped being patients.

Unhappy with the conditions that his sisters faced, Shell realized there was need for effective communication and continuous monitoring of a patient’s health in order to deliver better care. The will to improve the healthcare communication process is the spark that drove him to build  Conversa Health.

Conversa Conversation Platform™

As healthcare’s conversation platform, Conversa delivers an easy and meaningful way for care teams and patients to communicate. It has an extensive library of over 700 clinically-intelligent conversation programs that include asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), congestive heart failure (CHF), diabetes, hypertension, joint replacement, and many more. The company offers innovative and scalable Conversational AI technology enabling healthcare organizations to deliver automated, personalized doctor-patient conversation experiences. The improved scale and communication  leads to more meaningful patient relationships, effective population management and, ultimately, better clinical and financial outcomes.

The Clinically-Intelligent Technology

Conversa’s proprietary technology, which includes a taxonomy-driven patient profile, automatically calibrates the timing, channel of outreach, priority, and sequencing of modules for the conversation content delivered. Over time, Conversa’s smart technology learns and identifies profile-based patterns that dynamically adjust and improve what is asked, what is said, and what data is collected from each patient in each conversation. This feature allows the care providers to engage and monitor the patients individually. No two conversation experiences are alike because no two patients are alike.

Illustrious Acknowledgments

In its journey so far, Conversa has received many notable awards and accolades for its valuable contribution to the healthcare industry and best-in-class product. This includes the honorable recognition as Digital Health Disrupter and Leader in a research report published by Juniper and the North American Patient Engagement Solutions Technology Leadership Award by Frost and Sullivan. The company was also chosen as an IDC Patient Engagement Innovator, a Leading Care Management Virtual Health Assistant by HealthXL, and a Top Patient Relationship Management Solution by Chilmark Research.

What’s Ahead?

More and more health organizations and healthcare technology companies are using Conversa: Northwell Health, Atrium Health System, University Hospitals, Centura Health, Healthgrades, Allscripts, and many more. As Conversa is well positioned to engage massive populations on a personal level, the company is also receiving tremendous interest from Pharma and Payer organizations looking to engage patient users to drive lower costs and improve health outcomes.



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