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Coronavirus cases stabilizing following surge due to delta variant, says WHO



After steadily increasing for the past two months, the number of new COVID-19 cases recorded world over appears to be stabilising at around 4.5 million infections, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Coronavirus rates increased by around 20% and 8% in the Western Pacific and the Americas, respectively, according to the UN health agency’s weekly assessment of the COVID-19 pandemic, while sickness rates stayed the same or decreased in other regions.

The United States, Iran, India, the United Kingdom, and Brazil were the nations with the newest coronavirus cases. According to the data issued, around 68,000 more casualties were recorded globally, with rises of about 10% in Europe and the Americas.

World Health Organization also observed that while licensed vaccinations continue to shield against acute Coronavirus disease, there is some proof that the shots are less effective at shielding people from contracting the more infectious delta variant. Vaccines are most effective in avoiding hospitalizations and casualties, not virus transmission, according to a previous study.



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