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Corso Atlanta: Enabling Independent Senior Living with Happiness, Luxury and Dignity

Tim Gary | Corso Atlanta
Corso Atlanta | Tim Gary

Regardless of our age, independence is something we all desire and appreciate–being as self-sufficient as possible. But as we age, mental and physical disabilities become more likely, making senior adults to value more and seek out for environment that guarantees top-of-the-line care, security and flexibility that does not tamper with their independence. Such that Corso Atlanta offers in their Atlanta’s most luxurious senior living community, with a professional and knowledgeable staff available at all times for adequate care and attention.

In Corso Atlanta’s city homes–Senior Living Facilities-, they provide Independent living, Assisted living, and Memory Care options with a sophisticated style that is reflective of you and your desired independent lifestyle. The senior living facilities are intentionally designed for residents and their guests to experience beauty, happiness, and rich opportunities to connect with others in meaningful ways. Offering an experience that helps enrich your mental, physical and social well-being.

At Corso Atlanta, each team member is committed to serving with grace, communicating respectfully and compassionately to spark a sense of belonging, and purpose for seniors. Every element of Corso is designed to promote a lifestyle of privacy, comfort and flexibility, allowing residents to remain in full control. The company believes that every moment is a new opportunity to create unexpected happiness, and its sophisticated and inviting atmosphere seamlessly blends comfort with beauty.

Tim Gary, the CEO of Corso Atlanta is passionate about creating unexpected happiness for Corso’s senior residents. The company’s attention to Neuroarchitecture design, numerous grand amenity spaces, health sustainability, technology and research-backed programs, and exceptional engagement programs has made Corso Atlanta what it is today.

At the core of Corso Atlanta’s community lies the commitment to delivering exceptional care and service to their residents, guests and team members, all upheld to the Galerie standard of excellence.

Let’s dive in to know about Costo Altanta’s measures in attaining the goal of independent living for seniors, through Happiness, Excellence, Innovation, and Dignity.

Creating Unexpected Happiness

As owner, developer, and operator, the team works diligently with the values of innovation, dignity, excellence and happiness in mind. Corso Atlanta’s leaders are trailblazers who refine every detail of our communities and operations so residents and their families feel dignified in their new homes. As the predecessor to Corso Atlanta, Village Park Senior Living set the foundation for what the team wanted to achieve next. “We create unexpected happiness in the lives of seniors, their families, and communities through architectural design and programming,” says Tim.

Core Values and Mission

Corso was built upon the values of inspiring unexpected happiness and dignified independence through its commitment to innovative care and excellence across the board. It recognizes the value of living in a community that upholds our dignity, values our experiences, and encourages us to make new memories. The company’s drive to redefine what senior living looks and feels like is aimed at fostering a perfect balance between the convenience of quality amenities and attentive care and the value of an independent lifestyle which is priceless.

Tuning-In to the Care Needs of Seniors

Socialization is pivotal in the wellness of seniors. The design of Corso Atlanta organically encourages engagement among community members. Along with the design, residents of Corso Atlanta also look forward to receiving dignified wellness. Through the Flourish program, residents can have wellness plans tailored to their needs while enjoying our signature adaptive care lifestyle–Fine dining, live entertainment, educational programs and recreation activities are a few of many.

In addition, compassion plays an essential role in recognizing the needs shift as seniors age. It is a necessity to adapt to a senior’s changes in an effort to support their dignity and sense of independence. Their needs should not hinder them from opportunities for unexpected happiness.

“Our commitment to attentive, thoughtful care and the compassion we receive in return from our residents and their loved ones reminds us what sparked our passion for this industry over 20 years ago,” mentions Tim.

Leveraging Technology for Conducting Operations

Currently, Corso Atlanta utilizes Fynn Technology’s continual behavioral analysis which assists its care teams with anticipating potential changes in cognitive and emotional well-being among memory care, assisted living and independent living residents based on the time of day.

Health Sustainability and Flourish Programming

Along with our continual behavioral analysis powered by Fynn, the company also utilizes health sustainability. Health sustainability bridges the gap to empower individuals and communities to advance throughout the season of life. Its purpose is to educate, advocate, and innovate. Health Sustainability utilizes a unique framework that supports care and community harmony, relational spaces designed with neuroarchitecture, empowers health journeys, provides anticipatory support, has transparent intent and actions, and promotes ethical commitment.

In addition, the company has combined various research-driven programming to develop Flourish, which is designed to give its residents the best experience possible. Flourish programming consists of Flourish Enrich, Flourish Engage, and Flourish Enclave. Each level of Flourish is tailored to a participant’s acuity level.

  • Flourish Enrich provides engagement for all residents through various components of wellness for successful aging.
  • Flourish Engage is a daily enrichment program designed for residents with early stages of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Flourish Enclave adheres to individuals experiencing advanced stages of Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

Flourish programming focuses on four core components: Social, Intellectual, Physical and Spiritual. Flourish programs provide a mentally stimulating and physically active lifestyle, strong social engagement and connection, purpose and meaning in one’s life, and environments that support one’s lifestyle. These four dimensions of well-being serve as a guide for supporting wellness goals.

Scaling Operations in 2023

Looking ahead upon the opportunities lined up for Corso Atlanta, Tim says, “The sky’s the limit! We’re an innovative company that utilizes research to give our residents what they need, listens to what our residents want, and provides to them our best product through neuroarchitecture, health sustainability and research-backed care and wellness programming.”

He then concludes, “This helps us to make every moment a new opportunity to create unexpected happiness.”

Client Testimonials

“I love it here. The food is great. The place is beautiful. They have so many activities. The staff is wonderful. They can’t do enough for us; in fact, they kind of spoil us and I love that.”

– Betty Boucher

“The reason I ended up signing up for Corso was because it’s a rental. So money is still working for me and that was a very important thing for me.”

– Jane Kummel

“Corso has been a blessing. My parents have been down here now for two months and have really thrived in the community.”

– Keith Bowden

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