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COVID-19: Speedy insurance settlement for healthcare workers.

Insurance Settlement For Workers

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has reviewed the recently announced insurance scheme for health care workers who are battling COVID-19. This scheme had been implemented for achieving a speedy settlement to help reach the benefits of the scheme at the earliest possible. This Rs. 50 Lakh insurance scheme had been introduced in March for all of the public health care workers and providers who may have come in direct contact with COVID-19 patients.

This scheme is being funded by the National Disaster Response Fund that is operated by the ministry of Health and family welfare. There have been a total of 147 intimations recieved till date and claim documents have been submitted for 87. 55 claims have been found ineligible and out of those, 35 claims fall out of the scope of cover. There have been numerous claims that have been neglected as the cause of death has been anything other than COVID-19.

All the officials involved in the ministry of health welfare provide an overview of the mechanism being followed by the respective state authorities to expedite the claims and also highlight any other key features.



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