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COVID – Asymptomatics not allowed to occupy hospital beds

COVID – Asymptomatics not allowed to occupy hospital beds

It has been officially reinstated that the asymptomatic list of patients would not be allowed to move into hospital beds. The district administration in Pune, Maharashtra, has redirected the local health authorities to move the asymptomatic patients form hospitals to specialised COVID-19 wards. This move was made in order to free up beds for more adverse COVID patients.

All the hospitals who have been catering to COVID-19 patients have been warned against allowing any asymptomatic patient. Those patients who had been previously admitted have now been discharged. They also stated that the asymptomatic patients do not get any sort of government help or aid or cover and could be qurantined in COVID-19 centers or at home.

They feel that the beds occupied by asymptomatic patients could be better occupied by moderate to severe patients.



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