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Dr. Jeffrey Haddad: Surpassing Current Standards of Care in Dentistry

Jeffrey Haddad | Rochester Advanced Dentistry
Dr Jeffrey Haddad | Rochester Advanced Dentistry

A dental office where your dentist and the entire team listens to your concerns, educates you on all your options, and provides you with supportive and caring treatment. A dental experience that creates a profound effect on patient’s lives and goes a long way in encouraging them to take control of their oral health. A passion to change people’s lives which provides their patients with more confidence, improved function, better health, and a better life.

Dedicated to offering custom and personalized dental experience to every patient, Dr. Jeffrey Haddad, the MI Cosmetic Dentist is a well-known leader in the dental arena. His willingness to learn and desire to invest in modern technology has made him an exceptional expert in providing the kind of dental treatment that only 1% of dentists in the world can. His teaching spirit is worth emulating. He has mastered the strategy and skills to improve people’s smiles using a variety of procedures to restore their teeth and increase their self-confidence.

Dr. Haddad’s dental proficiency resonates with a global audience. Thus, it doesn’t come as a surprise that patients travel from across the country to visit his dental office, Rochester Advanced Dentistry, which has a reputation for success in treating the most severe dental cases.

Dr. Haddad takes pride in his highly trained team of experts who work together to provide exceptional services that set the practice apart from others. They play an important role in the office’s signature services:

  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • TMJ & Headaches
  • Sleep Apnea and Snoring
  • Implant Dentistry
  • Sedation Dentistry

While several dental graduates finish their studies believing that they have the latest dental techniques, Dr. Haddad believes that it is just the beginning. To be an exception in the industry, one must invest in modern technologies and advanced training that best aligns with patients’ needs for dental care. Continuing Education is the key to Rochester Advanced Dentistry giving them the skills and ability to care for all patients with the highest standard of care.

Let’s dive in to know to learn about Dr. Haddad’s journey to becoming an exceptional leader in the field of dentistry.

His Source of Inspiration

Dr. Haddad’s inspiration for venturing into dentistry came from his social and family interaction, which are his main priorities in life. “I have always been a people person,” he says. “I realized early on that my occupation needed to be involved with people and how I could positively impact their lives.”

He thus gravitated towards all the sciences in college, but also majored in Psychology, which gave him the background and knowledge of how important it was to understand the emotions and thoughts in the human brain. He has also always enjoyed and been interested in art such as drawing, painting, and creating. “When I realized that Dentistry was the perfect combination of science, artistry, and working with people, I knew this was meant to be my career path,” says Dr. Haddad.

His Journey So Far

Reflecting on his journey towards becoming a part of Rochester Advanced Dentistry, Dr. Haddad mentions, “I joined the practice of Dr. Kurt Doolin in 2001 and soon became his business partner. It was my goal to grow our practice and build it into the most sought-after dental office in the area for advanced dentistry. With the proper training, branding, and marketing, Rochester Advanced Dentistry was born.”

He continues, “Since then we have also expanded. Today I own two other practices that are solely focused on treating TMJ and Sleep disorders. The Michigan Center for TMJ and Sleep Wellness and the Michigan Head & Neck Institute which are the leading practices in the state of Michigan for treating patients suffering from TMJ symptoms and Sleep Apnea. We also have patients who travel from other states based on our reputation for success in treating the most severe TMJ and Sleep cases.”

Dr. Haddad is a very disciplined and self-motivated person. His passion and ambition to build the most elite practice are what drives him. His vision and culture, along with the support of his team, is what sets his practices apart from all other practices in the country. Dr. Haddad lectures nationally and is a dental expert in Cosmetic dentistry, TMJ and Sleep disorders, and full mouth reconstruction.

Dr. Haddad’s Roles and Operations

Dr. Haddad is the Owner and Chief Visionary Officer of the organization. But he is also an expert practitioner who provides the means of dentistry that only 1% of dentists in the world can provide. “Our office has elite skills and nextlevel training and experience that very few dental offices can offer. All the doctors in our organization have been trained to provide these advanced services. This includes expertise in TMJ and Sleep Disorders, Full Mouth Reconstruction, Dental Implant surgery and restorations, and Cosmetic transformations and smile design with porcelain veneers,” adds Dr. Haddad.

Today, Rochester Advanced Dentistry has become known nationally as a destination office for the highest level of dental treatment and services. All doctors in this organization have been highly trained to provide these advanced services. This allows the organization to place patients in the doctor’s chair that is the best fit as far as skillset and personality are concerned. “We truly offer a personalized and custom dental experience to all of our patients. “We want to be known as the experts in the area for comprehensive full mouth and cosmetic dentistry, including TMJ and Sleep disorders, and implant dentistry,” highlights Dr. Haddad.

Keys to Excellence in Dentistry

Dr. Haddad’s key to excellence in dentistry is based on two things: Firstly, continuing education and advanced training. Secondly, investing in and utilizing the most modern technology.

The dental field has changed drastically in the past couple of decades and, “In my opinion, if you are not continually seeking out courses on the latest advances in dentistry then your patient care will suffer,” says Dr. Haddad. He highlights the idea that most people believe that when a dentist graduates from dental school, they are trained in the “latest and greatest” dental techniques, however, this could not be further from the truth. Dental schools provide the basic education and training, and then it is up to the dentist to truly begin their journey of learning “after” dental school.

“I have over 1,500 hours of advanced continuing education since graduating from dental school. These residencies and additional training in TMJ and Sleep Disorders, Dental Implants, Cosmetic Dentistry, and Full Mouth Reconstruction set our practice apart from any other office in the state of Michigan. We even have patients travel in from across the country seeking our expertise for their advanced dental needs.”

But it would be impossible to provide the exceptional dental treatment that the organization provides without the latest technology. “Our offices are equipped with 3D Cone Beam technology that allows the evaluation of TMJ anatomy for proper diagnosis, assessment of airways for sleep breathing disorders, and the exact precision for the surgical placement of dental implants. We also utilize computerized jaw tracking, muscular relaxation technology, and electromyography measurement of facial and neck musculature to treat the most severe TMJ and Sleep disorders,” says Dr. Haddad.

“We are the only offices in the state of Michigan that have all these modalities and equipment and are trained to use them in these areas of dentistry. It is this combination of advanced training and the latest technology that truly separates our offices from others in the dental profession,” he adds.

Addressing Patients’ Anxiety

Dr. Haddad has taken his organization’s service to the next level by accommodating fearful and highly anxious patients. Dental treatment is number two on the list of fears among people in a national study. The number one fear is public speaking, dental fear is number two, and death is number three. This is why patients’ fear is taken seriously and thus Dr. Haddad ensures to do everything in his power to alleviate these fears and give patients the best dental experience they could ever imagine.

Dr. Haddad’s office is certified in Oral Conscious Sedation and has specific regimens that provide the patient with painfree, sedation dentistry. Based on the patient’s level of fear, the organization has different options for sedation that will give these patients exactly what they need to have the most positive dental experience possible. Most patients who undergo the organization’s sedation dentistry have little memory of the actual procedure and realize the enormous improvement that has occurred in the dental field.

Treating Snoring and Apnea

For over 20 years, Dr. Haddad’s office has been treating snoring and sleep apnea more than any other dental office in Michigan. Dr. Haddad teaches and trains other doctors on how to treat snoring, sleep apnea, and other sleep-breathing disorders. These conditions can have a huge impact on a patient’s overall health including an increase in heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure, and diabetes. In addition, patients with a sleep breathing disorder are extreme clenchers and grind at night which takes its toll on their dentition, leading to tooth loss and TMJ disorders including symptoms like headaches, migraines, jaw pain, ear pain, tinnitus, and vertigo.

Dr. Haddad’s Key to Efficient Dentistry Operations

“The key to efficient operations is a highly trained team and having a culture of continually wanting to grow and improve,” highlights Dr. Haddad. “If we do fail with a patient experience, we learn from it and find solutions to avoid the same result in the future. We start and end each day with a 30-minute meeting. This is something we implemented years ago, and it has become essential to our success. We plan for the day in our morning meeting, discussing patients and logistics of patient flow, and identifying any issues that may occur for us to avoid them. At our afternoon meeting, we talk through the entire day and discuss any problems that happened and how we can learn from these events. We can then further discuss these issues at one of our bi-monthly meetings and present solutions to improve our protocols and keep our systems as predictable and efficient as possible,” he shares.

Words of Wisdom

To the people considering dentistry as their profession, Dr. Haddad advises the same as he does to the doctors who attend his courses: “Invest in yourselves and invest in your team. To be an expert in any area of dentistry, you must seek out the highest level of continuing education across the country. The advances that have been made in dental techniques and technology are staggering and can be overwhelming. However, I have always believed that it was my obligation to my patients to learn as much as I can and expose myself and my team to these innovations so that I can be the best dentist I can be. And it is crucial to the success of the dental office to have your team trained as well. Invest in your team and you will take your success to the next level and maintain that elite status throughout your career.”

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