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DSruptive Subdermals, A Covid-19 Health-Pass Microchip Implanted in your Hand

DSruptive Subdermals
DSruptive Subdermals

DSruptive Subdermals

The company from Sweden, which is a specialist in microelectronics which can be implanted, is advertising its new invention, a hand implantable Covid-19 health passport microchip. The people who want to have a global health pass accessible at all times can avail this option. But will they be ready to let it get really implanted in their hands, is the question on everyone’s mind.

The technology of biochips is based on near field communication (NFC), a technique used for contactless payments. In this technique the chips allow other nearby electronic devices like smartphones, payment terminals, door readers, handheld scanners, etc. to scan them.

DSruptive Subdermals Covid-19 Health-Pass microchips will have the same technology in it so that those who have it in their hands will be able to communicate with the nearby devices easily.



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