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Scientists Claims That 97% Accurate Covid-19 Saliva Tests Can Be Done Without Swabs

Covid-19 Saliva Test


Scientists believe that Covid-19 infections can be diagnosed in minutes with an experimental saliva test. The test could be as accurate as of the regular gold-standard PCR test.

Earlier this year, during the trials conducted at a hospital in Singapore, a test with an acronym as PASPORT for Parallel Amplified Saliva rapid POint-of-CaRe Test, has been able to detect the Covid-19 virus with an accuracy of 97%, positively surprising the researchers.

The PASPORT does not require specialist technicians or laboratory equipment to produce the test results, which is a must to perform a PCR test. And what’s more, since it works out by directly applying the saliva to a testing kit, there is no need for invasive nasal and throat swabs.



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