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Aged Care Industry Products You Must Check Out   

Aged Care
Elderly Care

As people age, they experience a natural decline in their physical abilities. If you have an aged person at home, you must take the time and effort to make their daily routine simple and easy. It would help if you equipped your parents or grandparents with specific equipment like overtoilet aids for aged care and other support aids to make them more independent.

Read on to learn more about such products that can make life easier for the old.

#1 Shower Chair with Backrest

Aged people may need additional support while enjoying a nice hot shower. However, the bathroom is a private space, and it may not be possible for the caretaker to assist the senior citizen in the washroom personally.

A shower chair with a backrest is one of the essential bathroom essentials for the aged. A wide shower chair can comfortably accommodate the individual and eliminate the fear of slip and fall accidents. The chair also allows them to relax while taking a bath.

#2 Mobility Walking Aids

Aged people cannot always rely upon others to walk around. Walking aids such as crutches, quad sticks, and forearm support frames allow the old and the disabled to move around independently. They also help the individual to move more confidently and help themselves during an emergency.

Walking aids are therefore essential elements in aged care environments and hospitals. For individuals with a lower-body disability, investing in a good-quality wheelchair is important. While buying a wheelchair, look for a sturdy but lightweight product with an elevated footrest.

#3 Bedside Rails

Older people spend an ample amount of time in their bedrooms. You must design and organize the bedroom of a senior citizen to ensure optimal comfort and safety. The bedside rail is one crucial bedroom accessory for any aged care environment.

The bedside rail protects the individual from rolling off the bed. It also acts as a support to get out of bed and sit up comfortably. Bed rails come in different types and are removable. You may choose bed rails based on your individual needs.

#4 Toilet Aids

Apart from the commonly used over-the-toilet aids for the elderly, there are many other helpful toilet aids for the aged. Some of them include bedpans, mobile shower commodes, bathroom rails, etc.

You can consider exploring through the entire collection of the available aids in a reputable online store before designing the toilet in an aged care environment. These toilet aids protect older adults from slippery floors and allow them to answer nature’s call conveniently. The toilet aids aim to accommodate the daily needs of older people with utmost dignity.

#5 Bedside Commode

The bedside commode can act as a bedside chair and a commode. The bedside commode is a valuable product for aged and disabled people. Bedside commodes with padded backrests provide optimal support and comfort to the user.

Look for a bedside commode chair that has adjustable features for its height and has easy-to-clean seats to maintain hygiene. A chair with a padded seat and an armrest will provide additional support.


Elderly care must not be restricted to hiring a full-time nurse. It is important to invest in certain accessories and products to provide peace of mind and safety to older people. Buying the right care accessories for your elder can significantly help me live a comfortable life.



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