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EKUBERG PHARMA: Innovating the Pharmaceutical Sector

Ekuberg Pharma | Enrico Giannuzzi
Ekuberg Pharma | Enrico Giannuzzi

The most crucial part of the existing society is the need for medical attention toward big and small problems. The speedily changing technology and the world knows the importance of healthcare and strive for the betterment of the same. Researchers have been conducting various experiments for coming up with innovative solutions that are being implemented constantly to create a safer environment and ensure a better future.

Having a similar goal of providing innovative solutions for well-being is Ekuberg Pharma. With its years of experience in the field, it has been leading the healthcare sector toward a better path, and mankind, toward a secure future.

The visionary behind this prestigious organization is its exceptional CEO, Mr. Enrico Giannuzzi, who holds the command and drives Ekuberg Pharma toward astonishing heights.

What are these innovative solutions?

Let us enroll to find out.

Insights and About

Ekuberg Pharma is an Italian, family-run company with 30 years of experience. It has been working in the field of research and development, in the production and marketing of cosmetic products and medical devices specially designed for prevention and personal care. Ekuberg Pharma’s activity focuses on different therapeutic areas such as gynecology, dermatology, otolaryngology, pediatrics, trichology, and wound care.

Mr. Enrico Giannuzzi, the second-generation CEO of Ekuberg Pharma, says, “Nature always has the solution, and science must reveal it. This is our vision.”

Primary Goals

Ekuberg Pharma’s mission is to always find a natural solution to the most common disorders affecting skin health and rare, chronic diseases, with the valuable support of healthcare professionals in many therapeutic areas and through educational activities and informative campaigns.

In the last years, Ekuberg Pharma’s researchers focused on diabetes and oncological fields, aiming to find effective treatments to heal diabetic foot and chronic wounds.

“Our in-depth knowledge of active ingredients derived from medicinal plants is crucial to create valuable products for HCPs and patients who rely on our expertise. This is the key to our innovative Lecoxen,” explains Mr. Giannuzzi.

Evolutionary Process

Lecoxen entails an innovative protocol of advanced medication for wounds, which accelerates skin healing with great effectiveness, the main reason being the medical plants in the formula. The researchers tested its efficacy in vivo on diabetic feet, bedsores, oncological wounds, and scleroderma ulcers.

Diabetes is the primary worldwide metabolic disorder that affects millions of people and will affect even more young people in the following years due to unhealthy lifestyles, unbalanced diets, and genetics. Conversely, in recent years, appropriate treatment for this disease increased average life expectancy. Mr.Giannuzzi points out, “The elderly, particularly diabetic and oncological patients, deserve to live better in the second part of their lives.”

Ekuberg involved all its R&D resources and clinical board surgeons, rheumatologists, and dermatologists to study the unmet need for wound treatment in these patients, the causes of healing delays, and to find viable solutions through a holistic approach to health by putting human health at the center of the action.

The widespread use of botanical extracts in medical activities is not a mere trend for Ekuberg Pharma, it also represents the evolution of science and the discovery of nature’s power.

Ingenious Treatment

Ekuberg Pharma has innovated wound healing treatment with a two-step protocol for greater effectiveness and a better quality of life.

The first step is wound hygiene, made by a sterile seawater spray designed to clean and cleanse the wound with mechanical action and chemical activities due to trace elements of seawater which help improve the cicatrization processes. Only a clean wound can heal and can heal correctly.

The second step of the Lecoxen protocol is Lecoxen cream, the first advanced medication with an exclusive formula based on vegetal antioxidant extracts with known pharmacological activities.

The reason being its innovative water-in-silicone formula, Lecoxen cream creates the best conditions for the wound environment to accelerate healing by reducing inflammation and protecting perilesional skin. Moreover, in-vitro tests proved Lecoxen’s efficacy in boosting epithelial and endothelial healing with no cytotoxic effects.

Currently, the organization is carrying out many clinical trials and the first stage of analysis has shown significant improvement in wound healing through different chronic stages for patients and HCPs.

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