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Europe’s 10 Most Trusted Home Care Providers 2021

MRN: A Benchmark of Healthcare Excellence
Innovation in healthcare has always been vital considering the role it plays in advancing humankind’s chances of survival. The need for innovating comprehensive treatments and solutions for a diverse array of pressing concerns within the industry is what is driving healthcare companies across the world....

Issue Profile

Michelle Coates | Registered Care Manager | Care Force
Care Force: Accessible and Affable Home Care beyond Basic Needs
COVID-19 pandemic has tested the prowess of the healthcare industry. While the hospital and primary caregivers...
Ken Waterhouse | Founder and Managing Director | Home care Preferred
Home Care Preferred: A Leading Provider of Quality and Holistic Care 
Care, aid, and support are what a patient needs to regain good health. In a scenario where the patient...
Nicolas Baudelot | Co-founder and CEO | Medicalib
Medicalib: Leveraging Technology to Make Home Care Accessible to All
Experiences from our youth shape what we do later in life. – Jan Koum, American entrepreneur These words...
Fabrice Beauchene | CEO | Sylvie Kahn | COO | Mission TEC
Mission TEC (POPSICUBE Group): Promoting a Patient-centric Approach in Home Clinical Trials
Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.” – Joseph Pilates, German Pilates trainer The recent...
Tom Page | Managing Director | West Park Care
West Park Care: High Quality and Consistent Care at Home
Care Homes have been around for decades in the UK. However, many people do not like the idea of a care...
Rebecca McLennan | Eidyn Care’s | Registered Manager
Eidyn Care: Where Compassion Conjoins with Quality Care
The thought of giving people quality care, focused on supporting people with life-limiting illnesses...
Emma Hanwell | Director Registered manager | Folkestone Home Care
Folkestone Home Care: Comprehensive and Quality Care for the Aged
Today, statistics demonstrate that the majority of the aged population in the United States plan to stay...


Bharat Vasandani | Founder & CEO | ParentCare
How to Select a Nurse or a Home Care Attendant for Your Elderly Parents?
It is always a challenge watching parents’ depreciating health as they age, especially if one is not...