Europe's Top 5 Effective Leaders in Healthcare

Alberto E. Porciani: Helping Patients to Make an Informed Choice
Choice – is the most valued possession any human being has. It empowers and helps them decide the best for them. But what drives a choice? Many would opine that it is by the information one receives, which in contemporary times is facilitated by technologically enabled platforms. The services provided...

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Lindsey Condron| Cleveland Clinic London
Lindsey Condron: Prioritizing High-Quality Care, Tailored to Patients’ Satisfaction and Experience
In our most vulnerable times, we trust that the healthcare system will be there to address our care needs....
Markus Wilhelms | MOWOOT
Dr. Markus Wilhelms: Innovating Non-Pharmaceutical Solution to Resolve Chronic Constipation 
If you spend hours on the toilet or go to the bathroom less than three times a week—then you might be...


Eray UĞURELLİ |Kidolog
Improvements that occurred recently in our world have changed or transformed us in every aspect of our...