Europe's Top 5 Influential Leaders in Healthcare

Qasim Bata: Revolutionizing Home Care with the Blend of Artificial Intelligence & Emotional Intelligence
If one opined about what are the common traits that all leaders possess, a conventional answer to this would be empathy, consistency and credibility. The skills a leader possesses are key to the success of their vision which also entails calculated governing decisions, but also knows how to see the world...

Issue Profile

Louise Hampton | Owner
Louise Hampton - An Empathetic Leader Focused on Providing Quality Care
Inspired by the cause to help people by providing the I best possible care to patients through an evidence-based...
Michael Harty | Director
Michael Harty – Changing the Carer Dynamics
In an individual’s endeavors to lead a successful life, it is important to note that, it is not only...

Interview with IC

Lisa Jones
Lisa Jones - Building a Better World with Peace, Safety and Security
Lisa Jones | Global Goodwill Ambassadors Foundation | Building a Better World with Peace, Safety and...