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FuturU CEO claims “Metaversal University” might address global healthcare workforce shortage


The CEO of FuturU, Michael Manuccia, believes that free online training using advanced technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence could help solve the global staffing crisis in the healthcare industry. By reducing training costs and improving the quality of training, FuturU aims to provide opportunities for individuals who are passionate about entering the care profession but are hindered by financial constraints.

The current system of training has not kept up with the demand, and recent funding cuts in social care training have only exacerbated the problem. Manuccia emphasizes the need to change the calculus for people considering a career in care, making it more accessible and affordable. Nurses and care workers are willing to upskill and educate themselves, but the reality of bills and financial obligations often holds them back.

FuturU’s vision extends beyond providing free training courses. They aim to create a learning environment that allows individuals to access subject matter experts and learn from their practical experiences. By democratizing and flattening the ability to learn from seasoned professionals, FuturU envisions a Metaversal university that can deliver fantastic care worldwide.

The initial launch of FuturU’s free training courses has already demonstrated the demand for this type of content, with a significant increase in user numbers. The podcast episode featuring Michael Manuccia provides valuable insights into the potential of technology-driven training solutions in addressing the global staffing crisis in healthcare.

Overall, the combination of innovative technologies, free online training, and a commitment to addressing the financial barriers can pave the way for a more sustainable and accessible healthcare workforce.

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