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Patient21, a digital healthcare business with physical clinics, gets $108 million to expand outside of Germany

German healthcare startup, Patient21, has successfully raised €100 million ($108 million) in a Series C funding round led by Israeli venture capital firm Pitango. The funding, which includes a mix of equity and debt, will be used to expand Patient21’s digital healthcare platform and brick-and-mortar clinics across Germany and potentially into other European markets.

Patient21’s platform offers a comprehensive range of healthcare services, including online bookings, digital case histories, check-ins, billing, insurance, and more. Unlike some telemedicine platforms, Patient21 focuses on in-person consultations, particularly in the field of dentistry, where visual inspections and diagnostic tools are essential for proper diagnosis and treatment.

With more than 300,000 patient visits annually, Patient21 aims to enhance its software capabilities and streamline clinic operations. The company provides not only a consumer-facing app but also apps for doctors and a clinic management system to optimize administrative tasks and improve patient care.

The successful funding round reflects the increasing demand for innovative healthcare solutions and highlights the importance of personalized in-person care in certain medical fields. Patient21’s expansion plans and potential future integration of telehealth solutions demonstrate their commitment to evolving with the changing healthcare landscape.

Investors participating in the funding round include PICO Venture Partners, Bertelsmann Investments, Artian, Target Global, Piton Capital, and several angel investors. The funding will primarily be allocated towards software development, platform enhancements, and future expansion, positioning Patient21 for continued growth and success in the European healthcare market.

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