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Ghana Confirms Two Cases of Marburg Virus

Marburg Virus

Marburg Virus

Ghana has confirmed two cases of Marburg virus, an infectious disease from the family of Ebola while 98 people remain quarantined. The two confirmed patients, passed away in Ashanti regions hospital. No specific treatment exists for Marburg however, doctors suggest drinking plenty of water and treating the symptoms might improve survival chances of patient. The symptoms include headache, fever, muscle pain, vomiting blood and bleeding.

The virus is transmitted by fruit bats and body fluids of affected person. Officials have requested the citizens to clean and cook all the meat products thoroughly.

First outbreak of Marburg was noted in 1967 in Germany killing seven people. The virus has killed more than 200 people in 2005 in Angola. According to global health body it was the deadliest outbreak on record.



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